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Microsoft Flight Simulator console scores turned on

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a 38-year-old franchise whose various episodes have always appeared only on PCs, where they need a full nuclear power plant to run. However, the new generation of consoles launched last fall, so for the first time in the series’ life, the final episode will also appear on Xbox, and it’s due today.

The first scores have also been played on the Xbox Series X/S port of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, and according to the results so far, we’ve got our first true next-gen game for the green console. Currently MS Flight Simulator It stands at 92 points on Metacritic, thus falling into the realm of global appreciation.

The common belief is that while gaming on a PC is undoubtedly better, the experience provided by Series X is influenced by only a few “occasional blunders”. On the other hand, Series S users have to curb their expectations, but the game can still be enjoyed on a weaker next-gen console.

Here are some of the criticisms:

Technically, by itself, it’s an incredibly big word that the game has got its own console port, but on top of that, the emulator is basically stable on Microsoft’s next generation hardware. If you do not have a Game Pass subscription yet, it is worth canceling the 30-day trial of this game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 was released today, July 27, for Xbox Series X/S, and Game Pass subscribers can now download it.

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