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Midpoint announces completion of private employment

London, United Kingdom (March 24, 2021) – Midpoint Holdings Limited. (DSXV: MPD) (“Mid Point” or “Company”) is pleased to announce the completion of the previously announced (February 19, 2021) Private Employment for $ 3,000,000 (“Private Employment”), Accordingly the company has now issued a total of 12,000,000 units (one “unit” each) at a subscription price of 25 0.25. A warrant that cannot be exchanged for the purchase of a common stock (each a “common stock”) and a common stock of the company (each a “warrant”) per unit, allowing each full warranty holder to purchase an additional 35 for a period of two years from the closing of the exercise at an exercise price of 0.35 per share Common share of the company (each “warrant stock”).

Common shares now issued as part of units, as well as warranty shares issued when warranties are executed, are subject to a holding period of four months and up to one day from the closing date.

Proceeds from the proposed private employment will be used for the company’s public institutional and working capital purposes.

About Mid Point

Based in London, UK, Midpoint is an FCA accredited payment company specializing in overseas payments and forex trading. SMBs, foreign professionals, property owners, foreign students, individuals and anyone associated with international payments use Midpoint’s U.S. patented site for transparent, multi-party and multi-currency services.

Midpoint currently processes transactions in 24 currencies and can collect and transfer payments in more than 200 countries. This highly secure platform offers customers the most cost effective FX transactions in the middle of the bank buy / sell ratio, eliminates spreads and eliminates hidden costs and fees.

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Midpoint Holdings Limited is listed on the DSX Venture Exchange and is listed second on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

For more information about Midpoint, please visit:

Additional information is available at:

Corbin Commissar, CFO

Mid Point Holdings Limited,

505 Cootene Street, Nelson,

British Columbia V1L1K9, Canada

Phone: 001 250 352 7667

David Wong, Chairman and CEO

22-25 Portman Close, Marylaphone,

London W1H 6BS, United Kingdom

Phone: 0044 20 7448 3082

Email: [email protected]

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