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Miklos Rosvay explained the most pressing issues related to coronavirus infection

It is rumored that those who recover from infection may be re-infected with a type of coronavirus within a few days.

Virologist Miklós Rusvai has now clarified the question of whether we can really reinfect a type of coronavirus within days after recovering from infection. Miklos Rusvai A Repostenak In a certain interview, he explained it Although there is a chance of re-infection, it is unlikely to occur within a few days.

The virologist shared that re-infection with the coronavirus can occur up to a few weeks after recovery, and in support of this, he shared an example:

“So far, the shortest period of re-infection was 22 days, but it was not caused by the coronavirus variant itself, but someone had oomicron after delta, and some other infection in the coronavirus made the patient sick again. It was a proven Spanish case.”

Rusvai also reported an extreme case in the UK:

There are many records kept by doctors. One patient was infected continuously for a good year. He was sampled weekly every ten days and he always tested positive for the coronavirus. He did not get rid of the virus, did not become immune to it, and eventually died of Covid.

Genetic testing showed that it was not a patient infecting over and over, but the virus itself having been on it for a year. But here we do not know whether the patient has any other diseases, since this was not revealed. It is not known whether the patient has AIDS or any other immunodeficiency disease, or whether he is receiving treatment.”

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