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Million steps for life!

The Hungarian Association of Organ Transplantation invites all those who care about their health to a competition for 10 weeks, they will encourage and help the transplant community as well. Whether individually or as a team, take ten thousand steps every day – or as many as you can!

In addition to walking, the program also allows you to convert more than 100 forms of movement into steps. The winner of the contest will be the one who produces the most steps in a total of 10 weeks. They are looking for individuals who want to do their health, and all companies that will start a team and/or support those who need an organ transplant.

Regular exercise is key to maintaining good health, increasing flexibility, and improving the condition of many chronic diseases, as well as extending the life expectancy of organ transplants by years. This is the professional basis for all our business calls – Said Dr. تشاapa Gruzli, medical and strategic director of the Hungarian Association of Organ Transplantation (MSZSZ). The basic idea of ​​our current program was the International One Billion Steps Challenge to the International Moon, with Hungary 86 teams and 384 participants taking second place with about 160 million steps.”

The challenger in the series is Judith Berenti, Female Athlete of the Year

This time, they not only want to move people, but also take the opportunity to spread knowledge and raise money. Their goal is to make as many of the population as possible aware that daily exercise is one of the most important factors in maintaining health. With one in ten adults worldwide involved in some form of kidney damage, the complementary topic in the current competition is about the role of the kidneys and how to protect them. It also invites you on a virtual journey into medical history through many countries to learn about the history of organ transplantation. “10 weeks of regular exercise really does make a huge difference to health and fitness” The medical director confirmed.

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The challenger in the series is Judit Berenti, Athlete of the Year, President of the Hungarian Society of Organ Transplantation. As he pointed out, he himself had a kidney transplant for 25 years, and his example also proves that regular exercise also prolongs the organ’s survival time. He was awarded a Sports Journalist’s Appreciation with three gold medals (biathlon and two cross-country tracks) at the World Winter Games butlers growing in Canada. He presented one of his gold medals to the individual who won the competition.

The start will be on August 23, coinciding with the start of the Tokyo Paralympic Games. The 10-week program consists of 10 phases. Each will have a challenging team, including Professor Ferenc Berner, who is launching the local kidney transplant programme. On Mondays, participants can also learn about the making history of the era and the historical site of organ transplantation. And on the rest of the week did you know They receive messages of good advice on maintaining health. At the end of each stage, sub-promotions are described and individual and group winners announced based on the overall results.

The award ceremony will take place in November 2021 at the Hungarian Sports House. Those who complete the challenge, regardless of the number of steps taken, may receive a diploma of recognition.

record for Myliolips. hu It can be found on a website where you can find more information about the prizes and technical details of the race, among other things. Registration is free, but it provides the opportunity to support the Covid19 Transplant Assistance Fund, patient education and healthy lifestyle programs in various amounts.

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(Hungarian Association of Organ Transplantation)