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Mixed packages are in the mountains at Heathrow, London’s largest airport

I don’t even want enemies to shuffle their baggage by baggage handlers at London Heathrow International Airport. why? A picture is worth a thousand words:

The smaller hill, made up of stooped baggage, is an unfortunate sight even in the picture, so it is animated:

Hundreds, or so, risking thousands of abandoned bags for whoever comes to mind. Some described the scene as a mountain, others described it as a rug of baggage. The photos were taken shortly after the airport’s chief executive spoke of “minor” disruptions. This was later modified to admit that “there are problems”, which appears to be a separate category even within the simplified characteristic of gentleman’s English.

Minor disturbances don’t really mean hours but days, it can take as long as someone gets their baggage mixed up. Airport managers now estimate two days to end the mess they experienced due to “technical issues” to the baggage handling system. Which they claim has been resolved in the meantime.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” Deborah Haines, Sky News’s security and defense policy editor, told her website after witnessing the procession herself. According to him, the authorities tried to arrange the jammed packages in alphabetical order, which he thought was an “epic project”. (Across daily mail)

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