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Mob: Majority of Presidency and Membership members are against Krisztián Kulcsár

Our newspaper learned on Monday that the Hungarian Olympic Committee is proposing a vote of confidence in Krisztián Kulcsár. the Hungarian nation According to his information, the majority of the Presidency and the members will vote against the President.

Krisztián Kulcsár (Photo: Péter Sipeki / Eastern Hungary)


As National Sports has reported on several occasions before, the head of the organization has recently become more resentful of Hungarian sports players and MOB members. Krisztián Kulcsár Controversial leadership style and aspirations. As we have written, with the significant reduction in the size of the General Assembly, many Olympic champions and legendary athletes were removed from the MOB, and under the new laws, a significant portion of the members were henceforth appointed by the Presidency.

The unpopular actions don’t seem to go unpunished, and the Hungarian nation was told at least on Wednesday that eight of the 14-member presidency, including the two vice presidents (it’s easy to infer that About Tamás Deutsch And About Gabor Schmidt A declaration calling for the resignation of the President was signed and the majority of the members announced before the Extraordinary General Meeting on December 30 that they would vote against the President if the matter was put to a vote. The paper notes that it may have been important for Christian Kolksar to convene delegates at such an early date, because the respective sports federations could no longer announce the mandate of a new member, but he would still be a member of the MOB, delegated by the fencing association.

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However, the matter allegedly took a new turn when, the day after the invitation was sent, more than half of the 51-member assembly signed a joint statement stating that it would vote to summon the president at the December 30 meeting. This would be practically the same downfall as Kolksar, who has been re-elected since 2017 and re-elected in June 2020.