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Mobile technology is facing a massive development

It is already clear that the spread of the next generation of mobile wireless technology, 5G, cannot be stopped. Coverage is constantly increasing all over the world, including Hungary. The benefits that technology provides are already known, and in this article we are looking for an answer to the changes this process can bring in the next ten years.

Benefits of 5G

Before we get into it, let’s take a quick look at the tangible benefits that 5G has to offer over current technologies. Much higher data rates can be achieved by drastically reducing latency and latency.

Mobile games are also hugely affected by developmentSource: RedMagic

The 5G network is more flexible to control, more efficient and able to serve more than one device at a time, and one transmitter at a time. In addition, it consumes less energy than current standards, for example, devices powered by batteries that use 5G have a longer operating time.

It’s news time

The benefits offered by 5G go beyond existing products and services. Lots of people tend to stumble there because 5G will allow them to download 4K movies faster, or Netflix’s picture quality will be better and the mobile will drain later. The goal of market participants is to increase consumer value, that is, to find their products and services as favorable as possible. However, by discovering new methods, technologies and services, operations can be improved, which may lead to additional sources of income. So it is the mission of companies looking for the blessing of consumers and partners to meet their needs that are constantly looking for innovative solutions, and 5G provides a great basis for that through its positive features mentioned above.

At the moment, it appears that new technology, in addition to communication and entertainment, can have a major impact on education, sports, transportation, health, and even the protection of our environment.

There should be no doubt that economic causes played a major role in technology development. Analytics are constantly being done on how much money 5G can bring, and the numbers are startlingly high. Market research firm Omdia predicts that by 2030, many industrial and economic companies and companies will spend around $ 31,000 billion on 5G-related products and services. It also looks like pennies, but there are still end users, the average folks, who, according to the analysis, will be using $ 3.5 trillion in 5G solutions globally over the next 10 years.

Transport and 5G

Today, it is clear that without 5G we can forget about autonomous vehicles. Advanced sensors are vital, but on their own they are not sufficient to provide adequate security. This requires vehicles in traffic to communicate with each other on an ongoing basis. They need to know each other’s position, plan each other’s path, when to put gas on and when to brake one or the other. everything. For this to make sense and work properly, it requires three things: amazing stability, very fast data rates, and very low latency.

Accurate and fast mobile communication is a prerequisite for the spread of self-driving carsSource:

This ensures that the data really reaches all participants faster than expected, so that the AI ​​vehicles can make the right decisions by analyzing them. Of course, for the thing to work well, not only is 5G needed, but it is a fact that it is the bedrock of all stages of construction. We have no doubt that if it were to make a drastic change in human life, traffic would be based on autonomous vehicles.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Nothing can be beautified, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have so far failed to deliver on their promise. The main reason for this is that the hardware required to run special software is very expensive. Additionally, specialized glasses are heavy, complex, and uncomfortable, so using virtual and augmented reality services is cumbersome. However, 5G can solve this problem.

Industry can also benefit from this equipmentSource: Origo

This is because if the software is run on the service provider’s remote computer, the hardware requirements on the user’s side are gone. There is no need for a computer, no interconnecting cables, everything comes wireless, as 5G modems can actually fit in a very small system chip. All the user has to do is wear the helmet and can actually be immersed in augmented or virtual reality. Of course, there is no problem with interaction either, because the delay and the drastically low response time provided by 5G allows outgoing commands to reach the remote computer in the blink of an eye and then return to the user’s virtual reality or augmented reality glasses.

These technologies can play a role not only in games or photography, but also in education and planning, for example. Engineers can work together on complex 3D objects while surviving in different parts of the world. Moreover, this method can be of great help in medicine as well. During a patient examination, or even during surgery, you have the option to engage a fellow physician elsewhere and provide real-time advice based on what you see on a high-resolution, high-quality image on your own screen or stethoscope.

Broadband network anywhere, anytime

Even in developed countries in the West or the Far East, there are parts where broadband cannot be delivered with great difficulty, prohibitive cost, or in any way. Industrial sites in suburbs, small villages and remote areas often still suffer from the problem that service providers are unwilling or unable to connect data cables there.

This problem can be addressed by the 5G network, whose low-performance and easy-to-install transmission units make it easy to acquire broadband for these sites at a low cost.

This, in turn, could include these hitherto closed parts of the large global “data circulation”, which by itself adds value to the region. This will open new services and create jobs, so that 5G can achieve economic and cultural recovery for these regions in particular. In addition, there is no need to break up the nature due to the cables, and of course the maintenance is much simpler and more cost-effective. Moreover, thanks to this method, the environment is not severely damaged. Placing the transmitter to a lower degree will damage it The environment is like laying cables through a trench bush.

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