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Mol Vervar: “I scored two goals, it’s almost unbelievable”

Odam Hallmay tripled, Evandro and Tamas Vide Toth doubled in the second summer preparatory match for F.C. Mall Vehrevár – the latter happily commenting on the Székesfehérvár football team’s official website after the 12-0 win over county champion Vijer Sarosd.

Tamas Fed Toth in Thursday’s game (Photo:


“I am very happy that I was able to play for the Vidi first team at MOL Arena Salt Lake, and the fact that I scored two goals is almost unbelievable – quotes linked to 17 Tamas Tooth Fedet. We started well, the score was already two or zero in the third minute, and I’m glad I was able to turn my first position into a goal. I feel like we played football with enough confidence all the time, created a lot of positions in front of the opponent’s goal, and turned most of the chances into goals. Of course, we have to deal with this victory in its place, anyway, my confidence was good for these two strikes, and I hope if I get another chance to prove it, I can score more goals.”

Match goals

prepared match
MOL FEHÉRVÁR – SÁROSD (I. Fejér District) 12-0 (6-0)
Arena Salt Lake Mall
white castle. half 1: Song – Kujnok, Fago, Loftner, Zek – Darday b. , A., Horie, Evandro-Burrard, Toth T.; Half 2: Kovac d. Horvat b. Dennis, Horvath E. , Kovisdi – Golias, Kovacs I, Pinto, Petrigak – Halmay, Kovacs B. Coach: Emre Sabics
Gulzerzo: Halmai (3), Tóth TV (2), Evandro (2), Dárdai P., Vida (Special Target), Kovács B., Petrjak, Kovács I.

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