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Momentum opened a balcony in front of Parliament to demonstrate against the prohibition of marches «Standard

Momentum members settled in Kossuth Lajos Square in front of Parliament with plastic tables and chairs to indicate the discrepancy that it is indeed possible to peacefully gather on restaurant balconies, but protests and demonstrations cannot be organized due to the total. Banning of gatherings.

The event was broadcast live, and the recording can be viewed here:

“We know that under the assembly law, due to the state of emergency, it is not possible to hold a demonstration now. We thought that with this balcony we could keep some kind of mirror that is bent to power.”

Explanation of the work of the party Miklos Hagenal of the Board of Directors of Momentum and II.-XII. Candidate of the parliamentary constituency.

The measure was announced as a press conference where the opportunity had been given to vote on the Articles of Association: On public funds that perform public functions (“Kekva”) allows the transfer of more than 1000 billion HUF in public assets, MOL and Richter shares, and 1750 (one thousand seven hundred and fifty) real estate to establishments established in its domain. The momentum gave his voice to prove it

Restricting the right to assemble with reference to the state of emergency is only useful to limit our civil liberties, and is not justified from a health situation point of view.

In response to a question from our correspondent on the site, one of the sponsors stated that if he could, he would go out to protest until tomorrow, as the government has made a lot of decisions over the past six months that the streets should have taken.

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Wind Bernadette also said some people missed the stands more than others, and some missed the gym, but he preferred the protests. He stressed that he should “engage deeply” in this now because the government wanted to make assembly impossible until the opposition primaries.

“Do not underestimate this madness that is happening here, let’s not let the government restrict the elections before the elections and our democratic rights are without basis for that. We are in a situation in Hungary now where it is possible to play football, not demonstrate, and I do not tolerate this,” So here I am, and I shall be here. “

At one point in the event, participants extended a Molino extension titled “Theft of Public Property: Betrayal”.

Anna Orose, Bernadette Zell, and Miklos Hagenal at the Momentum event on May 1, 2021. Source: Momentum Movement

The start of the incident went smoothly, but after about three-quarters of an hour the police appeared, as evidenced by Momentum’s live video. However, the police eventually withdrew without taking action, agreeing to the interpretation that it was merely a press conference.

On May 1, the third phase of lifting protection measures went into effect Governmental decision, Which stipulates that people who are already protected and minors under their supervision can visit many previously closed places without a mask, extend the opening hours of shops and restaurants until 11 pm and the curfew extends until midnight. Protection certificate holders can now visit zoos, museums, theaters, cinemas and libraries without a mask, stay home in restaurants, and participate in cultural and sporting events.

However, since the declaration of a state of emergency on November 11 We cannot exercise one of our most basic rights, which is the right to assemble Even if it is done, from an epidemiological point of view, safely, for example in a mask and at a distance. By mid-April at least Seven such complaints were filed However, Gergely Gulyás assured in a government briefing on Thursday that the ban on gathering will remain in effect for the time being – although the government wants to “loosen and abolish it as soon as possible, once the number of people who have been vaccinated allows it.” .

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Cover Photo: Momentum opened a balcony in Kossuth Square on May 1, 2021 to protest the restriction of the right to assembly. Source: Momentum Movement