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Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Video Game 5: American supercross for the fifth time [VIDEO]

Milestone presents the Adaptation of Supercross every year, and you won’t miss a release in 2022 either.

The game has a very long name (really, maybe five times in a row with one air you can’t even say that Supercross monster energy – Official Video Game 5?), but the Italian studio is trying to keep players engaged with more innovations. The Rider Shape System, the Academy of the Future, the rhythm section editor, and the split screen game have all been a hit by adapting the sports that can be called American motocross. It’s a cross-generational game, so we’re happy to announce that the PlayStation 4 > PlayStation 5 upgrade will be free, and on Xbox, Smart Delivery will always have the version for the console you’re using.

Career mode will be more realistic and will provide more immersion than the previous four works. We start out as an amateur in the 250SX Futures class, and ultimately the goal is to be champion as a pro. However, in the meantime, we need to consider the condition of our pilot, as our performance will deteriorate with the Rider Shape System. Through exercises and completing certain tasks, we can recover quickly. Two-stroke engines are present in every game mode, and Future Academy will act as a tutorial so even really novice players can master the basics. There will also be several options within the game (tempo monitoring, treatment input…).

The level editor will not be left out either, but the new element will be the rhythm section editor: you can combine ready-made units into individual sections, which can then be shared with the community of players. The Track Editing Championship also returns, and the most successful track concept could be a part of the official championship in 2022, so real designers will be able to fight against real motorcyclists and then win. There will also be the condominium with new paths, challenges and collectibles; The multiplayer boosts through generational matchmaking. You can also play locally on split screen. The eSport approach isn’t far behind either.

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a Supercross monster energy The official Videogame 5 will launch on March 17th on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Magnew . press release