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Monster Hunter Rise surpassed six million

There’s nothing to be ashamed of in the latest Nintendo Switch exclusive episode of the Monster Hunter series, actually! According to Capcom, Monster Hunter Rise has already found owners of more than six million copies worldwide.

Monster Hunter Rise was only released a month ago, yet the latest installment of the Monster Hunter series might have huge milestones behind it. Capcom Business report According to the game, the dream mark has surpassed four million in the first three days after the premiere (including both boxed and digital releases), and by April 4, sales were already over five million. Seeing such a great start, it is no surprise that you have six million now.

These are amazing characters from a Switch exclusive game. In comparison, the much larger caliber of Monster Hunter: World is noteworthy. The episode, which debuted on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, sold five million copies in the first three days, and six million copies were reached in two weeks through games that also whispered on the two main platforms.

As for the current player base, Monster Hunter Rise owners can never complain, as Capcom delivers a number of big updates in the coming weeks. And those looking to play without a Nintendo Switch will be able to find their accounts in 2022, when the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise arrives.

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