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More sponsors are backing off Activision Blizzard due to scandal revealing more hair-raising details

Activision Blizzard has not been doing well lately, as California sued over toxic working conditions and even sexual harassment, which led to demonstrations and trouble, and then investors actually took legal action as the publisher’s shares began to plummet, accused of improper handling of the situation. In addition, the president of Blizzard Entertainment has resigned, and T-Mobile has also pulled back from tournaments called the Overwatch League and Call of Duty League, and several sponsors have followed suit after more exciting details emerged.

a ribbed You mentioned that recently, Kellog’s, our popular breakfast cereal maker, also ended its partnership with the Overwatch League. Company spokesman Chris Bahner said: “We find these allegations to be very serious and at odds with our principles of equality, diversity and acceptance. Although Activision Blizzard has announced plans to address these challenging issues in the future, we will not do so.” [velük] Under what new program? [az együttműködést] This year, but we will be watching your progress in implementing the plan.”

Kellogg’s has been supporting OWL since 2019, and a number of awards and related products could have come this year as well, but that won’t happen again, and the manufacturer’s brand (Cheez-It) has disappeared from sponsorship. On the official website of the Overwatch League.

Although we can still see Coca-Cola on the official website, Polygon notes that this popular soft drink manufacturer is also dancing with an insurance company called State Farm. State Farm said they are reassessing their partnership with the Overwatch League, and their ads will not appear again in matches this weekend. A Coca-Cola spokesperson told Polygon that yes, they know the allegations against the publisher and are now retracting, but are willing to review their motion if it keeps pace with future developments.

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Meanwhile, the Bloomberg Turn the spotlight on more juicy details, i.e. wild information about the workplace culture of “college guys” in addition to what has been known hitherto. The report, for example, cites an incident in 2018, in which Derek Ingalls, head of IT at Blizzard Entertainment, peed the CTO’s departure with a tasteless joke, or “Never lie down with your assistant, but if you do So, don’t vele stop!”. It was said that this “rock star mentality” and the like was typical within Blizzard, which management allowed without further ado. We already know that men have been appointed primarily to positions of leadership and have simply turned a blind eye to sexual harassment and humiliation, but we learned about this shortly after the scandal broke.

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According to the report, the bosses were untouchable and not only decided who would do their job, but they really had the power to do anything in the eyes of the employees because they weren’t afraid of retaliation. All of this is said to have either greatly contributed to the success of World of Warcraft to this day, or because the heads took off on their own and considered themselves superstars to impress fans, colleagues, and even a big guy. He suggested exploiting this reputation for sexual exploitation for pleasure.

According to the report, however, in 2017, the ratio of men to women was 4:1 in favor of the former, so the latter had to participate in a tough job competition to be recognized. According to a former employee, this exacerbated toxic working conditions and also divided women, leaving them less able to stand up for their rights.

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It’s great that Activision, the publishing partner, only exacerbated the situation, for example, by setting unfair deadlines and limiting resources, which was also reflected in the quality of Blizzard’s games, but most of all the stress of workers, anxiety, depression and others The results became.

You can see a summary of Activision Blizzard’s plight in the video below.