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More than 25 indoor games are manufactured at Sony

PlayStation 4 owes a lot to excellent internally developed SIE games, and it doesn’t seem to be any different for the new generation either. Over 25 first-party titles are currently in development for blues.

Sony’s strategy was more straightforward than in the farewell console generation: SIE Worldwide Studios focused on the premium AAA games that often convinced millions of gamers as PlayStation 4 exclusive titles that it was worth unlocking their wallets. And this position appears to have been very successful, as the PlayStation 5 will not be short of internal improvements either: there are currently more than 25 titles on the design table.

A PlayStation Studios feje, Hermen Hulst a Wiredneck He told us about Sony’s plans for games in the coming years, so we definitely knew that the first-party studios operating under the wings of the Blues will be working on over twenty games in total – plus it’s not just a sequel and a remake. Half of the projects involved include brand new IP addresses, so nobody can accuse Sony of solely relying on well-established addresses, and we’ll still see a lot of innovations.

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