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More than 50 million people have already been vaccinated in the UK

The UK Public Health Service (PHE) soon reported that one death had occurred in the country in the previous 24 hours due to Govit-19 infection caused by a corona virus infection. This is the lowest daily mortality rate since last summer. Now at the height of the January wave of the second wave of corona virus outbreaks in the UK, there was a period of 1,800 deaths every day in Govt-19. However, according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Caution is still guaranteed, especially re-authorization for overseas travel.

Matt Hancock’s announced on Monday that 50 million doses of the vaccine would be given, with the UK Health Department announcing that more than 49.8 million corona virus vaccines had been given in the UK the day before, and that the current pace of the UK vaccination program averages more than half a million people getting the first or second dose of the vaccine a day.

Hancock announced in a statement on Monday that the improvement in the vaccine program and continued improvement in epidemiological indicators could lead to a significant easing of the 50 million dose. he said:

Thanks to the vaccination campaign, the opening schedule will be kept and I know we will all have a great British summer.

However, during a visit to the countryside on Monday, Boris Johnson told reporters that the risk of re-introduction of corona virus infections should be done with extreme caution when allowing overseas travel.

Restrictions aimed at controlling the corona virus infection in the UK have long been embodied in the fact that you are not allowed to go abroad from the UK, except for a very limited number of compelling reasons. Similar rules apply in other UK countries. The stated purpose of the travel ban is to prevent the introduction of new types of corona virus without affecting the outcome of the UK vaccination campaign. Authorization for overseas travel for tourism purposes is set out in the Comprehensive Start Schedule drawn up by the British Government from 17 May.

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However, Johnson In his statement on Monday It was said:

The government wants to open it somewhat on May 17, but one must be very careful as the disease does not want anyone to re-enter the country from elsewhere.

The British government has previously stated in a number of reports that the re-authorization of foreign travel for tourism purposes depends primarily on foreign epidemiological conditions, so it is not yet certain that May 17 will meet the initial approval date.

However, the government has already announced that when foreign travel resumes from Britain, the color-coding system, such as traffic lights, will determine which countries the British can travel to without having to be isolated upon return.

Countries that can return to the UK without isolation will be in the green category, but returnees from these countries will also need to be tested for corona virus before and after their return. Return to the UK from countries in the red and yellow categories requires ten days in solitary confinement in hotels or at home.

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