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Most people over 55 feel safe

On the occasion of International Day of Older Persons, Századvég Konjunktúrakutató Zrt commissioned the devotional program of the Civic Way Foundation to conduct a survey on the impact of health, safety, media use and coronavirus epidemics on digitalization and the use of services related to the devotional portal.

In the European Union, the elderly are one-fifth of the total population. The proportion of the elderly is increasing, while the proportion of the working-age population is declining. This aging process began decades ago, and has been a long-standing trend ever since.

According to Eurostat demographic projections, the population of the EU-27 is expected to increase until around 2026, peaking at 449.3 million and then gradually declining to 416.1 million by 2100.

According to population projections, the proportion of the working-age population will decline between 2019 and 2100 by 2050, and then stabilize somewhat thereafter. All of these operations value the care situation of the elderly and the elderly themselves, which poses a serious challenge to the people of Europe.

Health and safety

In 2020, the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic will be increasingly felt among the elderly. So, in the year that a phenomenon that affects everyone’s life came into the crossfire of everyday life, 44% of those surveyed rated their health as average, a quarter rated it good, and 6% rated it poor. Forty percent of the Hungarian population aged 55 and over feels completely safe, and another third feels more secure. This indicates a high degree of consistent sense of security.

40% of the Hungarian population aged 55 and over feels completely safePhoto: Márton Koncz – Origo

Media consumption and digitization

Although older people are also using the internet more during the coronavirus pandemic, television remains the number one focus of their media consumption. Most elderly people can use the computer without any difficulty, while another third can use the device only with assistance. The most authentic internet sources are online press product websites and print press products, but there is a high degree of uncertainty regarding online advertising of different products/services. A third of those surveyed have an online community (an internet group, a website where they can ask questions, or any social networking site) that they trust. Members share most of the educational materials on these interfaces.

The devotional portal is trying to offer a solution to this feeling of insecurity, it is Create a community and service provider “marketplace” where different services are grouped into one place, taking into account the interests, values ​​and needs of the elderly, which older people need and through which they can help in their daily lives.

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