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Most Powerful Person of the Month: Curtis and Tila from Budapest Park

Once again, there was a lot of interest in the co-production of Curtis and Tilla, and several stars were cast,

Without Majka and Curtis, summer wouldn’t be complete, and it wasn’t a problem for some time. The two rappers are still the biggest duo, no one can get close to them, and they can practically fill any hall or stadium.

And obviously this can’t be bad for them financially either, but they work a lot for it and to make a lot of people happy with their concerts, they deserve maximum success. This is why it was painful to have a certain summer when no action could be taken due to the coronavirus.

Thankfully, those times are already gone and we hope they never come back. However, Majka and Curtis are back in Budapest Park, where they are almost back home, and have had many concerts over the years.

Another amazing wedding photo by Metzker Wiki

Recently, they held a huge party on Saturday that included celebrities as well as civilians. Among other things, Tila was partying with Majka, with whom she had a very good relationship through TV2.

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