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MotoGP: I had my first ordeal of the year before my first workout

It is often difficult to be a leader. Others may envy your knowledge, your creation, and try two things: withdraw it from you so that you don’t have it, or copy it over time. Gigi Dall’Igna, Ducati’s artistic genius in recent years, lives in this world. It seems no different this year. Ducati vs. Everyone, while the first training day of the season was not as planned for the Bologna players.

Tough start to the season at Ducatina on and off the field (Photo:

The 2022 MotoGP season hasn’t even started in Qatar (in terms of track action), there are already two hot topics in the repository.

On Wednesday, representatives of manufacturers (MSMA) held their usual meeting, where everyone was busy with the latest innovations of Ducati and Gigi Dall’Igna: which is nothing more than The first elevation passenger device.

Although no decision has been made yet, there is a good chance that it will phase out in 2023, but no later than 2024, for security reasons. They are clearly not happy with Ducatina, as they can lose up to two years. On the one hand, the time they spent developing this tool, and on the other hand, a brand also created it on the go smoothly, giving you a escalation advantage in no time.

According to Corrado Cecchinelli, the series’ technical director, it’s all about the safety of the pilots and it’s very easy to prevent the engines from accelerating any further. Of course, the big question is why Ducati’s latest development should be banned for this…

Motorcycle pilots, who will attend Thursday’s press conference, were able to express their opinions on the in-flight altitude-adjusting device during a circular question. Not surprisingly, the responses are quite a clear reflection of belonging to the brand. According to Pecco Bagnaia (Ducati), all he has to do is press a button, so he has no problem applying innovations while riding a motorcycle. Obviously Marc Marquez (Honda) will ban their use, of course there is no problem with the aerodynamic devices that were previously attacked and also brought into the field by Ducati, in fact …! Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha) and Joan Mir (Suzuki) feel there is a lot to watch out for at first, the latter noting that the engines are accelerating, the tracks and their starting routes don’t change, so they are increasingly vulnerable. Brad Bender (KTM) is on his way to the status quo with his South African loose-going, but he also thinks it’s time to brake the engineers, while MaverickVinales (Aprilia) makes acceleration precisely against alignment, not to mention more dangerous, frankly safer. The back version, at least for sure.

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So after the electronics, the aerodynamics, the “bucket” (an element that appeared on the bottom of the engine in 2019 and then disappeared last year), the height adjuster (upper) used at the start is another variation here, with everyone facing a Ducati.

If you already have a “spoon”. The final score of the 2019 season opener (which Andrea Dovizioso won) was not made official for weeks as opponents lodged a technical protest. Dall’Igna has succeeded in proving that the lower spoiler serves just what its name suggests: to divert more air to the rear tire and thus cool it. However, others never believed it, they were sure that it was an aerodynamic element that helps to hold the back. Apparently, everyone copied it very slowly. However, after free practice on Friday, Paul Espargaro pulled off the veil when asked about the disappearance of the Ducatic’s “spoon”. “Everyone started using the wing but last year we had a problem with the tire temperature. It was too low. So there was no point in continuing to use this item because it was just oil for the fire. We removed it and this year the problem is gone. They might have had Also an issue with the temperature of the rubber which is why I took it off.”

Problems off the field and problems on the field as well

As if the above situation weren’t enough, news of another bombshell focused on the plant in Borgopanigale Thursday night. The A journalist in the magazine revealed that the pilots of the Ducati factory team will not compete this year with the 2022 Block, but rather last year.

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This was already a topic on Friday. Team Principal David Tardozzi did not seem to give a direct answer to the questions, in turn finding it very disgraceful that everyone was always so busy with them. Bagnaia says he never said the new block would be bad and like everyone else, they tested several specs this winter and chose one of them.

Jack Miller put it this way is a transition between the 2021 and 2022 editions. The pilots on the factory team certainly don’t use the same resources as the other pilots (Jorge Martin, Johann Zarco and Luca Marini) who got the 2022 upgrade.

So we can say that for the first time in a long time, Ducat could not increase its technical advantage.

At first glance, after the first day of training, we can say that they are in trouble, with Miller only finishing eighth while Bagnaia took tenth, while Jorge Martin won best position (5th). Booked as a dozen on Friday. path.

However, Marc Marquez says he does not eat porridge that is too hot. “Let’s get back to that question after the race, it’s only Friday today. We know Ducati and Gigget… I don’t think they’re in a really bad position, especially here in Qatar. The track will get better, the grip will get better, which means they’ll be able to use torque The better spin. The more rubber on the track, the better the traction, the faster the Ducati. On Friday of the first race, we can’t tell anyone they’re in trouble or the engine is amazing. We’ll understand a lot during Sunday’s race.”

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The winners in the first main practice (FP2) were Suzukis: ÁlexRins was in first and Joan Mir was the third fastest practice, embracing Marc Marquez.

Raines topped the list on Friday with the fastest top speed of 355.2 km/h, 8 km/h more than last year. “Looks like some men were found in Hamamatsu,” Miller laughed. And obviously they found it, but that acceleration isn’t the only reason. The biggest advance is the in-flight rear altitude adjuster, the first copy of which was received in the second half of last season and has since been further developed (they did not dream of this device in Qatar last year). The other big help lies in the air packaging.

The importance of the grip is also made clear by the positioning of the Yamaha, who aren’t quite as badly off the ground as they appear on day one. As far as engine power is concerned. Being left behind isn’t a problem, but what pierced his ear after the first day was that Franco Morbidelli alone didn’t complain about the grip in the back. It will be revealed in a few hours whether the brand leader will be permanent or whether Quartararo will be able to pick up the leads.

The end result of the first day By clicking here It can be viewed or seen.