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Mountain Dweller will be the literary star of our time in the next reboot

This year, Mountain Dweller turns 35, which we also mentioned in an article. The Russell Mulcahy film spawned an entire franchise that includes series and animated films as well as sporadic direct sequels. Although Hollywood doesn’t really know what to do with the Terminator movie series of similar caliber, it’s also trying to direct Mountain Dweller under Chad Stahelski (John Wick movies). We hadn’t heard almost anything about the Hegylakó reboot for quite some time, and we might have thought the project was ready, cut short. But according to a report, we do have the actor playing the protagonist.

a The deadline has been reportedThat the literary star of our time, Henry Cavill, was looking for the role of the immortal swordsman. This is unofficial information of course, but it’s inside information, so Cavill fans are hoping. Given his performances in the DC Cinema Universe and the Vaják series, the very rising actor would be a fitting role in The Mountain Dweller, playing a semi-immortal role as Superman, posing an excellent swordsman as a Vajan mutant, and of course not aging Geralt. Of the average mortal person on Earth.

The Hegylakó reboot has been in development for some time, since the 2000s, and at the same time it was rumored that the project would be executed in serial format. We have no idea how much this relates to the story of the first part of 1986, that is, whether Henry Cavill will ever be MacLeod or play another kind of immortal newcomer. In any case, it was also rumored that Kit Harrington, Tom Hardy, or Charlie Hunnam would play the protagonist, and the names Dave Bautista and Dwayne Johnson came up in relation to the opponent (be it Corgan or anyone else). And what were we telling Tom Cruise as Ramirez, the master of the title character?

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Meanwhile, by the way, Cavill himself confirmed the matter on Instagram. “I have some very exciting news today! I’ve been a big fan of Mountain Dweller since I was little. From 1980s movies to glory spread on the Queen and TV series to an actor who definitely looked like my brother. Since he’s not skimpy with swords, and with a talented director on As with Chad Stahelski, this is a must [számomra]. We’ll take advantage of all the tools at our disposal to delve into the storytelling that defines the franchise, so it’s going to be an unforgettable adventure for me (and we hope you all too), wrote Henry Cavill, who added that he also has Scottish ancestry that fits the role as well.

Hopefully, Henry Cavill is the one who can survive in the end. Or how do you like the idea? Will Cavill get that pioneering role, or is it too much for him to stay with only Geralt and Sherlock Holmes?