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Mrs. “N” won the Let’s Do It Festival!

The Danube mega show ended with an exciting and massive finale, the biggest Hungarian hit of the century was revealed! The jury finally chose the György Korda Lady “N” song performed by Peter Ceramek.

This ten week music and style journey ended on Saturday night. Let’s do the festival! In the finals, it was decided which one was the winner of the nine productions that reached the finals. In recent weeks, in an amazing musical adventure with the participation of famous Hungarian artists, the star jury members, the Korda couple, Pal Vicky, Andy Pallas, Nagy Bogy and Ksaba Poros have been searching for the Hungarian song of the century Let’s Do the Festival!

Thus, the winner is none other than: Mrs. “N” on the Peter Ceramic Show.

The decision was difficult, in the end the following songs competed:

Girl with pearl hair (Zoltan Miller)

Pearl Girl (semi-final production)

I Won’t Give Up (Freddy and King Victor)

I Won’t Give Up (Semi-Final Production)

Get up, free bird! (mandatory turner)

Get up, free bird! (semi-final production)

Mrs. “N” (Peter Ceramic)

Lady “N” (semi-final production)

I Won’t Be Your Game (from Lilla Polyák)

I Won’t Be Your Game (Semi-final production)

I fly with a song (Ola Jergo)

I fly with the song (semi-final production)

A fictional car (Miklósa Erika and Dolhai Attila)

The Fantasy Car (semi-final production)

Butt ashtray (Janicsák Veca)

ashtray end (semi-finished production)

Seasons (Miklos Varga)

Seasons (production semi-finals)

In the final round, a special dance performance will enchant the audience with the show’s fourteen-member chorus, but the two legendary members of the jury, Clary Palaz and Gyorgy Korda, will also be surprised.

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The pair will perform their new song, Pest’s Tale, on TV for the first time at The Danube Show, summarizing their work so far and their unconditional love for each other.

Let’s do the festival! – Final – Saturday, May 21 at 19:35 on the Danube! Broadcast not only on TV but also on Click on media Can be followed directly!