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Ms. Marvel’s new enemy is the review bombing squad attacking IMDb

Ms. Marvel, who just made her debut, has received a somewhat mixed reception, if IMDb’s hysteria is treated as a relevant opinion.

Critics and many fans rated Marvel Studios as one of the best projects launched yesterday. Mrs. Marvel series (It hit 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, making it the No. 1 spot on the Marvel front, ahead of Black Panther’s 96%.) Kamala Khan’s first live action garnered a lot thanks to her creative visual services and Imane Vilani’s flawless acting performance.

However, the joy of the look soured well as Wednesday passed: Featured on IMDb A bunch of hysteria experts who didn’t win the pressure for a one-star rating.

Over 1,400 one-star reviews were received for the first part, with many complaining about the character’s altered abilities and/or association with Captain Marvel. Review the phenomenon of detonation, then Also made it to Rotten Tomatoeswhere the site was quickly cleaned or 50,000 reviews violated the site’s policies.

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As a die-hard Ms. Marvel fan who’s been following the character’s career since her birth, I was surprised to see the changes myself. However, filming Iman Villani dispelled all my doubts in about 10 seconds, and regardless of the changes to the originals, we got a creative and honest adaptation. Even if there is some criticism, the true value of Ms. Marvel is very far from one star.

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