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MSZP no longer saves health and education

According to co-chair Bertalan Toth, Fidesz’s shift in public education has caused performance degradation.

According to MSZP, ‘A deadly coronavirus epidemic’ The Socialist co-chair said at a Facebook press conference on Sunday that everyone should have understood: There can be no savings in health and education

Bertalan Toth emphasized that MSZP’s pre-election program includes the fact that more money should be spent on these systems. He said: “Now we can see with our own eyes the consequences of leaving health to its fate for years to come.”

He emphasized that even after increasing doctors’ salaries, Hungary does not spend as much on healthcare as the average European Union, and as a result, hospitals are overburdened with debt, there is a shortage of doctors and nurses, and “Long kilometers” Queues.

According to socialists, the transformation of public education is tragic

According to the co-chair of the opposition party, Fidesz’s shift in public education has caused a dramatic decline in performance among students, not eliminating social disparities but rather deepening them.

Bertalan Toth emphasized that the Ministry of Planning and Administrative Development is beginning to transform healthcare, public and higher education, adding that there is a need for a caring country, creating opportunities and an advanced local government system.

He emphasized that in addition to improving health services, they would significantly reduce waiting lists, want more pediatricians and general practitioners, and increase the salaries of all health workers to reach the European Union average by 2024.

They will be nationalized again

Bertalan Toth said that everyone in education will receive the additional education his talent deserves.

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No young man can be lost. “

he added.

He also said they would create conditions for a globally neutral education, introduce a five-year lower degree to equip students with basic knowledge, raise the minimum age for compulsory education to 18, and reduce the number of compulsory hours per week. For teachers, The privatized universities will return to the public ownership and we will restore their freedom. ”


Image source: MTI / Márton Mónus