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MTK: midfielder of the Albanian national team

Advertise on his official website MTK Budapest has agreed to everything with leading Danish footballer Vilje BK Jilber Ramadani. The Albanian national team midfielder is the fourth Blue and White Summer Certificate.

Yilbir Ramadan has been a member of the Albanian national team since 2018 (Photo: mtkbud].hu)


The 25-year-old was born in Germany but became a professional footballer in Kosovo, where he was a member of the national team and then signed with Albanian Partizani. Here, too, he left the international stage with his team, and also entered the Champions League qualifiers against Ferencvaros. In his first season, he was named Albania’s Youngster of the Year, then bought out of his contract by Denmark’s Velje BK. He also made his debut in the Albanian senior team in 2018, which he has been constantly invited since then.

“Ramadan has proven his skills at his Albanian and Danish clubs as well as at the national level. We also dedicate to him an important role in MTK” Blas Polyak, the club’s sporting director, told

He spent four years with the Danes, coming to MTK as a freely verifiable player.

the summer Player movement in MTK Budapest
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Young recruits/concluded a professional contract:
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