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MTK: That was enough football – Joseph Kantha

MTK midfielder Joseph has been in the lead for nearly seventeen years, playing football exclusively for MTK, and if his coach thinks he can play for two other champions.

Two more championships and Joseph was (with the ball). He ended his professional career (Photo: Emery Fuldy, Archive)


Joseph Kantha ends his career at the end of the season, and if his coach Michael Boris thinks he can play for the last time in the tournament against Molle Verveer on Thursday at Nandor Stadium in Hidicoti, and a week later in the tournament. The first leg is against Mezőkövesd.

“I actually spoke to Athletic Director Palaz Poliak about my retirement last summer, then we stayed there, and I’m definitely going to be playing for another year.– The 37-year-old MTK Budapest midfielder told our newspaper. – Then in winter season I finally decided soccer was enough, knee injuries didn’t go away without a trace, so it took more and more effort to start training over and over again. I was aware of that until now, I no longer had a critical role in the team, so he was in the second division last year and in the lead this year. At the same time, I never asked for an exemption during workouts, and I never expected one-on-one treatment based on my age. I tried to help young people with praise, comment and good advice. I feel respected on their part, and while I don’t know if they need my wisdom, I see them pay attention to what I say. When I was just getting started in my career, Gabor Halmay and Zoltan Vig watched us, and even Zoolley became close friends with us despite the age difference. I can also mention Bella Elijah, who was never a loud man, but all of the team paid attention to what he was saying. “

Joseph Kantha was twenty years old as well, when he took the lead against Sopron (3-0) in August 2004, winning 311 NB I Championships and scoring 106 goals.

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“I was looking forward to starting the match. I was never the kind of enthusiast, probably proven by the fact that I took the lead from a free kick after twenty minutes. I am associated with MTK, this is my home, and even though I wanted to play football in Outside, my career has turned into a professional soccer player who only plays for MTK I have been able to play in the national team three times and yes, there could have been more but if I thought about where I started as a man with his lips I can be satisfied Completely “.

The midfielder is supposed to stay with MTK and begin his coaching career, but in the meantime he will focus on the champions against Mull Viherfar and Mesocovic to end his nearly 17-year career in a worthwhile way.