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“My heart is bleeding a little now,” says Claudia Liptay of her favorite pastime – Metropole.

Saying goodbye to summer with a sad heart Claudia clipsWhich recharges in the garden from spring to fall. The presenter loves to beautify his family’s garden, cherishing his favorite vegetables and herbs in a raised bed.

For me, gardening is a hobby that recharges and turns off. I have a feeling when I treat my plants that I will, in my heart, never stop doing it again. Now my heart is bleeding a little, and I must say thank you for the beloved seedlings that have grown since spring. Next year, I can almost start overSaid Claudia Liptay at 95.8 Hit FM, who was not even interested in gardening in her childhood.

“When I was a kid, I loved drawing. For me, it was a hobby I could spend hours with. The thing grew so much that I also painted pictures outdoors. However, I was so slow that by the time the picture was completed, the subject was almost out of dateAdded the presenter, who has since found the key to recharging in confectionery and food photography, as well as gardening.

Not like her husband who spends most of his free time playing music and video games

(Photo: Sláger FM)

I don’t like to bake at home anymore, because I do this most of the day, it’s my job. But for cooking, yes. When my time permits, I like to play music, I like to do all kinds of synthesizers, as well as play video games. The flight simulator is completely turned off, and I will actually be able to fly for several hours from one airport to anotherÁdám Pataki admitted to Sweet Two.

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