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My heart is common, the refrigerator is empty, it hurts the next day: these thirties live as if they were college students

The organizers of the 27th Sarajevo Film Festival have announced a competition program for the film festival starting on August 13, which includes Grosan Kristinanak Made in the Non-Food Incubator Program You have to bark at the best of things He is also competing for the Heart of Sarajevo award. This is not the only Hungarian participation in the festival: in the documentary competition الأفلام Mate Korosi viewer Invited to Diploma Film Competition Judge Balint, Zacali Rica Anna And the Rudolf Oliver His works are displayed, additionally Croatian Lilly, a Get ready for an indefinite amount of time together His director was invited to the international jury.

In her first film, Grossan Cristina tells the story of road-seeking thirties trying to fit in with themselves and their environment without making the basic decisions in their lives: living as if they were students, in a communal apartment, with an empty refrigerator, night parties, two hours of sleep, And although I want to do it differently from the previous generation, they escape decisions.

The panic of opening the gate is a real state, and the compulsion to obey and compare with the successes of others places a heavy burden on one’s shoulders.

Happy Grossan Cristina. The Transylvanian director writes the script together With Nora Rainer Mixneywho is also the protagonist of the movie. He was given an important role in the drama made in the NFI Incubator Bányai Kelemen BrownTen years later, he returned to the cinema Judith Hernadi he is.

Grossan Cristina has previously shown her short films in many international festivals. The Beach Vacation It has been watched online by more than a million people. He is currently shooting his second feature film in the Czech Republic in a Czech-Hungarian-Italian-Slovak co-production with an international cast. normal failure with a working address. The call to roar at the best of things was no surprise, in Sarajevo early in 2019, the film was noted as a film design in the festival’s professional program called “Work in Progress” and was awarded the Best Promising Work award. The film was eventually produced by Laokoon Filmgroup with the support of the National Film Institute, Stalter Judit Producer, and will be shown in local cinemas starting September 16.

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