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Mysterious, sunken world off the coast of Britain: the loss of its citizens by a tsunami 8,000 years ago – esotericism

The bridge between Europe and Britain. Geographical circles define the former landmass that now connects Britain as a separate island and Europe.

The fate of Dozerland or Dockerland, now submerged, was finally sealed 8,200 years ago, and it was always dictated by the depths.

This is how the people of Docker Land lived

The inhabitants of the former bridge were Mesolithic or medieval people, who followed a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Therefore, they migrated from area to area after they exploited the potential of their current residence.

This is how Tucker Land was located.

As the sea level began to rise gradually about 9,000 years ago, they made sure that they looked after themselves, dividing the vast land that had previously existed into smaller islands. The inhabitants of the Docker land were forced into these small parts of the land. Although they did not know it at the time, it was all due to climate change. The last glacial period, the worm-glacier, i.e. the melting after the last ice age, increased sea level.

The story of Docker Land ended tragically

Unfortunately, the threatening events ended in a terrible catastrophe. In 8200 there was a catastrophic catastrophe, a massive tsunami that swept across the last tree, and then ordered the sinking of most of the islands of Dagger Land below sea level, leaving only a small part of it on the surface. Thousands of people lost their lives on that tragic day, while others tried to continue their lives in these areas.

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The capabilities of that place, of course, are not always talked about. Survivors of the archipelago migrated to Britain about 6,000 years ago, where important elements of culture were laid. These people may have been one of the first to enter British soil.

Discovering the sunken world

The existence of Dogger land has not been suspected for a long time by science, but an interesting discovery in 1931 caught the attention of the region: a fishing boat was working in the affected area of ​​the North Sea, pulling a horn from the depths and then discovering mammoth and lion bones, prehistoric tools and weapons.

Mammoth bone from the area.

Mammoth bone from the area.

Fantastic discovery involves exciting research, and although more information about what was found in depth has been discovered for decades, the sinking world was only named in 1990, almost sixty years later. He was baptized in Dockerland because fishing boats belong to the dog breed.

In the footsteps of Atlantis

Canadian researchers have discovered a strange thing off the coast of Cuba, and it came to light when they discovered traces of Atlantis.