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NASA criticizes China for its irresponsible missile landing

Although the Chinese Long March 5B missile, which was left in uncontrolled orbit around the Earth, survived its return to Earth over the weekend, it arrived with an orbital collision in the Indian Ocean southwest of the Maldives.

More than a week before the “landing”, there was speculation about where it might land: Since the chances of landing in populated areas were slim, this was not really an option, especially since it happened last year when parts of a Chinese missile that landed in A village in Ivory Coast.

The uncontrolled return of the Chinese government and space agency and the lack of communication affected many. NASA Senator Bill Nelson issued a statement regarding the incident, rebuking China for what happened, while reminding any organization launching a public or private spacecraft that it must act responsibly.

Nelson to me Astronaut countries must reduce the risks to humans and Earth by re-entering space objects and maximize the transparency of operations. It is believed that it is clear China did not meet the standards for responsible space waste when this impact was dropped.

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