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NASA will broadcast the first flight test of a Mars helicopter this afternoon

There is a lot of interest in pioneering work.

As is IT Cafe he is I mentioned thatAn important component of Martian Perseverance’s mission, Ingenuity’s first helicopter flight was postponed due to the crash.

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Engineers discovered the cause of the error relatively quickly, updated the drone’s control software, and set the date for the first test flight by April 19. NASA Advertising According to him, the test will begin broadcasting at 12:15 Hungarian time.

As we wrote earlier, the first flight would be a very careful maneuver: the dexterity would rise a few meters above the surface of Mars, hover for a short time, and then land.

The project, which NASA rightly referred to as historic, was a resounding success despite the collapse: The drone reached Mars intact, successfully detached from the rover, and then survived unexpected Mars nights.

The helicopter will record data during the first flight, including videos and photos (the test will also be recorded by march cameras). If the first test is successful, then at least four long-haul flights will be planned: the main purpose of the test flights, as is the case for the entire project, is to assess the possibility of Martian helicopter flights, not to collect data.

NASA broadcasts can be tracked on multiple platforms, for example on Facebook or YouTube: aa links Telecommunications It can be found.

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