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National team: The most expensive Cypriot does not play against our team فريق

The Hungarian national football team, which is preparing for the European Championship, will meet Cyprus in a preparatory match starting at eight in the evening. We asked Zoltán Nagy, Anorthoszisz’s cup-winning goalkeeper, about islanders’ football. The Cypriots proved themselves to be a polite guest at Thursday’s press conference and want to make a good impression on the Hungarian fans…

Laves has been a key member of the Cyprus national team since then (left), but he will not play against the Hungarian national team, as he is not in the frame (Photo: AFP, Archive)


According to Zoltan Nagy, Anorthosis goalkeeper coach in Cyprus, the resignation of Johan Walem, the Belgian who was appointed a year ago, led to an important change in the Cypriot team’s match in February.

“Before the World Cup qualifiers in March, a new captain was appointed to lead the Cypriot national team in the person of Nikolaos Kostenoglou of Greece. Said at the request of NSO Zoltan Nagy. – I think the new coach is trying to convey a different concept and philosophy to the national team players here and the results of the upcoming matches will show how successful his plan is. In any case, the start was respectable, as Cyprus (0-0) and Slovakia beat Slovenia (1-0) in a draw with Slovakia.

In a close match between the two teams, Kostenoglu’s team suffered a narrow 1-0 advantage as the guest of the World Cup silver medalist Croatian.

“The framework is mostly made of players who play in Cyprus. There are absentees from the dominant players, including none of the guests, Konstantin Levis, who is a member of the Standard Liege team. Consequently, many newcomers have been invited to the framework.” – Zoltan Nagy said.

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The 28-year-old Levis, a 43-time national team defender, is the most valuable Cypriot player, with a net worth of €4.5 million. He also previously played with Olympiacos of Greece, which fell 1.5 million years ago to the Belgian club Standard, where he plays regularly, scoring three goals and making two goals in 43 matches, and was a key player in the last five matches with the national team. . So he played a key role in Cyprus’ closing of World Cup qualifiers against Slovaks, Slovenes and Croats with a total of one goal, which means his absence could significantly affect the visitors in a match against us.

Zoltan Nagy explained that Cypriot football is constantly developing, especially at the club level, proving that next year five teams can represent the country on the international cup stage, but he also stressed that the Hungarian national team represents a better player and wished them success. .

Cypriot manager Nikolaos Kostenoglu spoke at Thursday’s press conference about Hungary’s ability to emerge from the shadow of the top rivals as a united team on the continent, but with their squad they want to make a good impression in the Budapest match. .

“It is a pleasure to be here and to play for the Hungarian national team that will qualify for the European Championship.He was polite at the pre-match press conference Nikolaos Kostenoglou. – For us, this period is not very favorable, as some of our players have already finished the championship, so they joined the frame after a short break. We have a lot of young people, they can now show their true potential. In Friday’s match, every footballer should be given the maximum possible, and we want to make a good impression on the Hungarian fans.”

According to the 50-year-old manager, the team led by Marco Rossi has put in a great performance recently, so the Hungarian fans can be optimistic about the continental match, and even his expectations can be warm.

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“The last six or eight matches of the Hungarian national team have been great, the team has been very disciplined and difficult in duels. In the European Championship, there will be three strong competitors for the national team, but we have seen surprises in football many times. Often team spirit is more important than quality, And in the framework coached by Marco Rossi, it is clear that there is a great harmony between the players. Hungarian fans can be confident: why not Hungary as the surprise team for the European Championship?”

cypriot striker, Fotis Babolish The press conference was also attended by fellow striker Adam Lange in Omonia Nicosia, so together they celebrated the league title a few weeks ago.

“I’ve been a teammate with ádám Lang for a year, I think he’s an excellent defender, and he has a huge role in winning the tournament.said the 36-year-old soccer player. –He has a great physique and a very fast player. Hungary is fortunate to be a member of the national team. And speaking of our football: with federal captain Nikolaos Kostenoglu, the team has undergone major changes, we are playing tactically differently than before. With the tournament over for a few weeks now, it’s not easy to refocus from work to rest, but whoever is here in Budapest will do their best to make our national team a success.”

EC 2020 Championship, Pre-match
Friday, June 4 at 8 pm: Hungary-Cyprus, Szoza Ferenc Stadium (TV: M4 Sport) – Live on a UFO!

The Hungarian Chosen Framework for the Executive Board
Ádám Bogdán ( Ferencvaros ), Dibusz Denes ( Ferencvaros ), Peter Galaxy (RB Leipzig – Germany)
Paula Bendigos (Fervar FC Mall), Potka Indri ( Ferencvaros ), Attila bottle (Fervar FC Mall), Ákos Kecskés (FC Lugano – Switzerland), Lang Adam (Omonia – Cyperus), Jerji Lovernxx ( Ferencvaros ), Willy Urban (RB Leipzig – Germany), Attila Szalay (Fenerbahce – Turkey)
Middle tracks: Tamás Cseri (misocovesd), Rich Daniel * (Philadelphia Union – United States), Philip the Dutch (Partizan Pograd – Serbia), László Kleinheisler (NK Osijek – Croatia), Great Adam* (Bristol City – Anglia), Loic Nego (Fervar FC Mall), Andras Schaeffer (DAC – Slovakia), David Seger سي Follow Favorite
Attackers: Janus Han (Baxi FC), Nicholas Nemanja (Fervar FC Mall), Sly Roland (Freiburg – Germany), Czabulex Shun (FC Dallas – United States), Adam Salai (Mainz – Germany), farga kevin (Qasim Pasha – Turkey), Farga Roland (MTK Budapest)
Federal Captain: Marco Rossi (Italian)
* Rich Daniel and Adam Kabir are not playing against Cyprus due to minor injuries.

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