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NATO Secretary General: Russia is behaving dangerously

The Secretary-General of the Brussels-based organization emphasized in his speech: Russia continues to engage in dangerous behavior by developing its forces from the Arctic to Africa, It terrorizes neighboring countries and carries out cyber attacks in NATO member states.

According to him, NATO does not see China as an adversary, as there are opportunities for cooperation with the East Asian country, but Beijing does not share transatlantic values. It monitors its own citizens, persecutes dissidents and religious minorities, and acts in ways that threaten its neighbors. He hinted that China will soon become the third richest and most powerful country in the world, and it currently has the second largest defense and naval budget in the world.

NATO is not only a military defense, but also a political alliance, which is necessary to meet the challenges of our time.

Stoltenberg announced. The Secretary-General stressed that with global competition, cyber attacks, terrorism, nuclear weapons and climate change, the current security situation is more complex and raises more issues than ever before. Responding to these challenges also requires strong political cohesion between the United States and Europe.

According to Stoltenberg, NATO can increase its influence by implementing plans to strengthen its military position as soon as possible, continue to increase its readiness, invest more money in collective defense, and promote defense innovation in all allies. announce it NATO will establish a new headquarters to facilitate enhanced technological cooperation between allies.

He stressed the need for NATO to play a role in maintaining a rules-based international order, and step up training and other support for alliance partners, in areas such as counter-terrorism, cyber counter-attacks, crisis management, and defense reform. He added that the organization needed to address the security implications of climate change.

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NATO leaders will meet in Brussels on 14 June to review their relations and define their vision for the future of the organization.

Cover photo: Sean Gallup / Getty Images