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Nature is the presence of Nora Trukan (x)

The actress spoke about maintaining physical and mental health in her new Bonduelle podcast.

The importance of a healthy diet was first drawn to the study of foot reflexes, and the actress has since been consciously interested in nutrition. For Nóra Trokán, closeness to nature and regular rides are also essential to recharge and relax – the well-known actress talks about this on Bonduelle’s new lifestyle podcast series, among other things.

Bundwill We’re not talking about vegetables! In addition to healthy, mindful nutrition, the new lifestyle podcast series covers issues related to sustainable living, maintaining physical and mental health, lifestyle, exercise, and parenting. The host of the new series is Csilla Tatár, and her guests are famous actors in their field. Kitty Almasi, Clinical Psychologist on the Possibilities of Maintaining Inner Balance, Ildiko Colni Babb, Psychologist, Dietitian in the Spiritual Aspects of Nutrition, Andrea Del talks about the spiritual relationship between man and his environment, Sheila Almasi on the importance of exercise, Christina Frabel talks about the Diet A healthy, low-carb diet, Eszter Fancsikai talks about her and her baby plant, and Nóra Trokán talks about a lifestyle close to nature.

Nora already avoids dairy and eggs, but at the same time she tries to include as many vegetables and fruits as possible in her diet. In addition to proper nutrition, exercise is essential to your physical, mental and spiritual health – especially for great nature walks, training and horseback riding.

“For me, horseback riding is a form of therapy. I am rarely in the moment, because I don’t think of any thoughts that do not fit the situation. It really fills me up and turns me off” – Nora Trokan says a We’re not talking about vegetables! In a new episode of the podcast series.

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In the new segment, Nora Trokan talks about the whispering method she uses while riding, the love of nature, the gastronomic traditions of her family’s Greek branch, and the changes she’s made to her diet in recent years to keep her healthy.

The We’re not talking about vegetables! Episodes of the podcast series can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Apple Podcast
google podcast

Featured image: Nikki Prosek