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Naughty Dog is working on a multiplayer game

Despite The Last of Us’ unique multiplayer mode, Factions still has an active player camp to this day, Naughty Dog still offers a featureless storyline sequel online. Later, however, Neil Druckman repeatedly indicated that the multiplayer (or similar) mode might return later, and at some point, certain gameplay from the early development project was leaked. A word like a hundred: the online component’s access has become an open secret, but according to the latest news, it may be more than just a simple plugin.

The studio announced new job opportunities on the official website of One Scripting developer and one path diagram In addition, both positions are specifically related to a multiplayer project. Naughty Dog isn’t a blur: job descriptions reveal that they’re looking for help with the studio’s first multiplayer indie game, which they want to produce with just as ambitious and quality as their story-centric creations. It might be a brand new IP, of course, but after Neil Druckmann’s previous appearances, it seems most likely that the game will be related to the story of The Last of Us.

And if that’s a story: who said an online game couldn’t have a great story? Hermen Holst, President of PlayStation Studios, recently referred to an online game based on an accurate narrative PlayStation Blog مدونةSo we wouldn’t be surprised if the gentleman was also aiming for the next throw of Naughty Dog.

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