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NB II: a blonde returning from Holland continues DVTK

Adrián Szóke will continue his football career at Diósgyőr in NB II. The 23-year-old striker signed at his home from the Netherlands.

Adrián Blonde continues at Diósgyőr (Photo:

Blonde was the last player for Heracles, playing 40 times at the top of the Dutch stadium in three seasons and scoring a goal.

The Zenta-born player, Vojvodina, made his debut for the 15-year-old Tarpa team in District II. In class, he spent the spring of 2014 at Puskas Academy, and also played in the reserve team at 1st FC Köln.

Heracles recently indicated that he would not extend the contract of Szőke, who was previously called up to the Hungarian national team.

“I chose DVTK because at this club I felt the most that he wanted me quotes Adrien’s blonde club site.I learned a lot and gained a lot of experience in Holland, but I got sporadic opportunities to play. That’s why I couldn’t really get into that and show what I can do one hundred percent. For me, the most important thing now is to count on me and do my best to fight for the continued opportunity to play for myself and benefit the team. As a striker, my goal can only be to give the team passes or contribute to the team’s success.”

Deusger also announced that Auguston Benny, 19, will continue with him. The national team U of VSC midfielder arrives from Debrecen.

Summer game action in DVTK
Access: Auguston Penny (DVSC), Istvan Sermaz (Puskas Academy), Holkampf Gergo (Szombathely offers), Daniel Lukasz (Kecskemét), Gabor McCray (Csákvár – return on loan), Adrien’s blonde (freely verifiable, the last of which is Heracles – Holland), Adam Feixian (Axe) , Balázs Zsemlye (PMFC – loan)
Departures: Csaba Belényesi (Kecskemét TE), solid dense (PAFC – Return of Loan), Borosus Filmus (pax – re-loaned), Diane Crane (retired و), Dominic Cocci (BP Honvéd – return from loan), Lucas (Brazil-Hungarian, Kisvárda – on loan), Gabor Molnar (misocovesd), Marcel from Russia (DEAC – return of the loan), Christoph Polgar (?), Rotem Keller (Israeli, Maccabi Netanya – Israel, re-loan), Richard Zsolnay (AGCA)

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