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NBA: The only win of a league title is the Bucks

Despite another masterpiece of improved Devin Booker and Chris Paul, the Suns went out in a game that brought a very rippling game into the NBA Finals, allowing the Bucks to go home to win the league title with a win.

The only win from the championship title is the Bucks (Picture: Getty Images)


Phoenix Suns – Milwaukee Bucks 119-123

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The dollars came out better than the undulating match. Devin Booker scored 37 points in the first 12 minutes of the game with 11 points and a good throw 14/19 at team level, leading to a 16-point lead. However, the home team’s dominance proved temporary, as the Bucks won the second quarter 43-24, Jrue Holiday led the catch with 6/7 hits and 14 points, and the Bucks held the match for a long time after that, in the fourth quarter they were They are already 14 points ahead before the Suns start to shake. Then Michael Bridges and Chris Paul threw a hat-trick, while the Bucks were engaged in a period in which only Janis Adetokonpo managed to score. At 3:25 AM before the finish, Khris Middleton broke the period and threw a huge basket with a foul, to which Paul responded with another massive triple. After two good penalty kicks from Dender Eaton, Middleton emerged strong again with a distant three, after which the Suns scored seven points in a row and tied 120-119. After a spoiled throw from Holiday, Suns could attack to take the initiative, but the Bucks quarterback corrected his mistake, scoring a ball from Booker and throwing a light basket with Adetokunbo, who was fouled by Paul in the meantime. Twice the best player missed a penalty, but returned the striker, the ball fell into the hands of Middleton, and the Suns had to make a mistake here. Middleton only threw the second penalty kick, but it also proved to be enough to get out of possession of the ball from their opponent, plus they showed an excellent defense after the Suns asked for time, so he made only one desperate attempt from Booker.

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It brought the same stars on both sides. For the home team, Booker hit 40 points again, throwing several big throws in his hair as well, but in the end, the ball he sold proved to be the defining moment. Next to him, Paul also found himself on the right track, multiplying with 21 points and 11 assists, and now the sold balls did not bother him either, he lost the game only once. Eaton (20 points, 10 rebounds) also made a great live under the backboard, thanks in part to the Bucks’ keen interest in getting the Suns to take as few triples as possible – yet they sunk 13 triples, yet only tried 19 times. In the first and fourth quarters of the match, they threw a total of 10/11 outside throws, which gave them a huge advantage and then a big hair later, but they couldn’t keep up with the early advantage and were put at an even greater disadvantage due to the triple disappearance of the middle quarters. The Bucks also stopped at 14 three-pointers, plus they only made it to 1/3 in the fourth quarter, but Adetokonpo (32 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists) continued to make it to the ring multiple times, Middleton (29 points, 7 rebounds, 5 ). assists) is a very important holiday (27 points, 13 assists) featured in defense at the best of times, but eventually was running out of attack but still sinking his throw 12/20. In both teams, all three main points were thrown over 50% of the field, as were the Suns (55.2%) and Bucks (57.5%) on team level, while the referees allowed a tougher game, homeowners only. 11 and the guests are 17. The Bucks also fit in that Adetokunbo now only sent 4/11 points to his spot.

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Top sun throwers: Poker 6/40, Paul 9/21, Eaton 20
Best dollar throwers: Adetokunbo 32, Middleton 29/9, holiday 27/9

fencing status: 3–2 in favor of the Bucks.