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Nebeszava Tehran said there was a collapse in Natanz’s uranium enrichment due to a terrorist attack

In Russia, it is assumed that about 300 thousand people died of Coronavirus disease last year from what the cited data show.

Comparing multi-year death figures with Kremlin announcements, the New York Times found that the 57,002 deaths reported from May of last year to the end of the year did not reflect the actual death rate, which is 28 percent higher than expected. The extra 28 percent means more than 360,000 people. According to the paper, the entire surplus may not be added to the pandemic account, but it is likely that there will be around 300,000. This refutes Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claim that his country has handled the epidemic better than most other countries. The death rate jumped by 23 percent in Spain, 19 in Italy, and 17 to 17 percent in the United States and the United Kingdom after the death rate increased. After a strict two-month lockdown last spring, the Russian leadership began to take economic considerations into account and was “open” in the summer, which had a beneficial effect on public support but was worse on the spread of the disease. In the fall, the Jamalia Institute in Moscow created the 5th Sputnik vaccine, but the Kremlin began using it on a geopolitical basis and did not prioritize vaccinating its residents. Meanwhile, Russians were free to walk to theaters, restaurants and bars. In a press conference at the end of the year, President Putin also emphasized that the Russian economy has weathered difficult times better than others. According to official figures on Saturday, a total of 102,643 people died from the Corona virus in Russia, but in reality this number may be around 400,000. If this is the case, then in the United States, one in six hundred people lost their lives due to it, while in Russia each four hundred. The Russian government is defending itself by keeping separate cases that it did not reveal until after an autopsy that Covid-19 was the cause. By the end of February, more than 225,000 people had been registered, which makes the picture all the more realistic – although at least 75,000 are still missing.

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Hungary is also suspicious

The New York Times table shows that from March of last year to the end of the year, 4,672 deaths from the Coronavirus were reported in Hungary, but in this period, 7 per cent, a total of about 6,900 more people died than a multiple would follow. Statistics of the year. That is, nearly a third of the deaths due to the epidemic have been omitted from official data. This phenomenon, although suspicious, is not necessarily intentional or politically motivated, nor is it unique. There is a “deficit” that can be compared to Hungary, for example, in the United States, Spain or Italy. Meanwhile, Polish statistics are staggering, with two-thirds of expected deaths left unexplained. On the other hand, it is assumed that deaths from Covid-19 have been “overreported” in the United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden, where more fatal Coronavirus cases have been reported than the statistics indicate.