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Népszava MSZP and LMP promise to increase teacher salaries

The MSZP and the LMP promise to raise salaries and link the rule for dropping teachers’ salaries to the minimum wage in the event of a change of government on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.

According to the MSZP statement sent to MTI on Sunday, everyone can be grateful to teachers, educators, school and kindergarten workers who, despite difficult and undeserved conditions, teach, raise and love children with unwavering enthusiasm. They added that teachers constitute Hungary’s common future, and they deserve sincere thanks and respect. Education for opportunity, advancement, self-realization and secure livelihoods can be provided to the rising generations through a modern and diversified education system and value creation cannot exist without respected and well-paid teachers. The guarantee for teachers in this case is also a change of government in 2022, according to the MSZP, which promised in the pre-election program that after 2022 the teacher salary projection base will be allocated to the current minimum wage. In order to reduce the teacher shortage, tuition fee waivers and full government funding will be offered in both undergraduate and undivided teacher training – read the statement of Ágnes Kunhalmi, co-chair of MSZP. In its contact with MTI, LMP wrote that it is very difficult for teachers in Hungary today, not only because of low salaries, but also because of a lack of tools and methodological room to maneuver. They added: “A department of education that specializes in covering the gaps can only lie for a short period of time in the system.” Due to the large number of dropouts and retirees, the school usually publishes 7-8 vacancies at the end of the year, but the situation is not better in kindergarten either. Immediate wage increases are needed for teachers and those who directly assist in educational work by linking wages to minimum wages. The opposition party said in a statement written by co-chair Mateh Canas Nagy and Christina Hoon, a member of the party’s faction, that the Lebanese Socialist Party feels that its mission is to pay for education in the event of a change of government.

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