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Népszava The EU Covid Card will be available by summer

This is because complete transparency and accountability will increase the democratic legitimacy of the process.

The European Parliament wants to be fully informed of the national recovery steps in order to ensure the democratic scrutiny of the Building Recovery and Resilience Tool.

– The Hungarian Liaison Office said to the decision-making body.

As mentioned in the resolution sent to our paper, MEPs reiterated in a resolution adopted on Thursday by 602 votes to 35 against and 56 abstentions: The relevant regulation gives the European Parliament access to all information related to the implementation of national plans. Members of the European Parliament expect to receive from the Commission basic materials and summaries of reforms and investments contained in national plans already received. Full transparency and accountability will increase the democratic legitimacy of the process. Members of the European Parliament believe that the European Commission should encourage member states to consult with all stakeholders, as this is the only way to ensure the participation of civil society and local and regional authorities in the implementation of the plans. Also, stakeholder consultations should be ensured in future revisions of plans. At the same time, the Committee is required to inform the relevant committees of its prior assessment of achieving the milestones and goals set in the plans of the Member States. With this information, Parliament will be able to make a more accurate assessment of whether, as stated in the communication, resources have been properly and effectively spent in member states.

Fidesz: The European Parliament is playing the wrong role

Fidesz members of the European Parliament (MEPs) Enikő Győri and Tamás Deutsch, in their call to MTI about the decision, stated that the European Parliament does not have the authority to approve the national recovery plans of member states. These are submitted by the member states, and after evaluation and submission by the European Commission, they are subject to approval by the Council of the European Union.

“So the European Parliament has lost its role once again when it wants to evaluate the plans as well as the information they deserve.”

Left-wing comments made during the discussion on this topic confirmed that they only want certain countries to be punished again – emphasized Eniko Gyuri. “We saw a similar case in the debate over the rule of law last year, when the European Parliament wanted to make the distribution of EU budget funds subject to political conditions. This is unacceptable to Fidesz members.” Tamas Deutsch confirmed that in Brussels, MEPs from Jobbik, DK, MSZP and Momentum were “constantly fighting against Hungary”. They are working to get as little money as possible for Hungary. According to him, the presentation of the Hungarian recovery plan was accompanied by the constant roar of the Hungarian left: a letter of allegations was written to the President of the European Commission, then the Hungarian government’s economic policy was attacked with unprofessional arguments.

As our paper wrote: The Cabinet’s recovery plan, released Monday, shows that the areas of higher education, health and digitization will suffer the most from the fact that ultimately the government will receive only part of the support in the EU’s bailout package. You can read the details by clicking here.