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New File Explorer tabs for Windows 11 coming soon

Microsoft has started beta testing of the new File Explorer tabs in Windows 11. The File Explorer tab feature is now included in Windows Insiders. beta channel And everyone seems to be close to a version running Windows 11.

The tabs feature has an updated design that makes it easy to access folders or find your favorite files quickly. The updated design of File Explorer includes tabs that allow you to move through multiple folders in a single window and allow you to move tabs freely. Microsoft originally Tabs tested in Windows 10 apps Four years ago in one of the features groups. This included support for File Explorer tabs, but eventually Microsoft delete project It has not been released for Windows 10 users.

Microsoft started testing for the first time Tabs in Windows 11 File Explorer earlier this yearMoving to the beta channel indicates that it will be rolled out in the coming months. “In the beta channel, we can see experiences that are closest to what we typically offer our customers,” Microsoft explains. Because this specific beta version is just an update Windows 11 22H2 (next big update) It recently shipped preview release, and preview pages are expected soon.

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