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New Logos Coming to Packing USB-C Cables

The baud rate and maximum charging power will be indicated.

Until now, it was not easy to navigate the USB-C standard, and now the situation is more complicated due to the high-power charging (60W and 240W). The USB Implementers Forum has now announced new logos to spell out future cable features, hoping to take a look at their packaging to make it clear what features are supported to customers.

The new logos are intended to indicate 40Gbps data transfer, 60W or 240W charging, and any combination of these logos.Source: USB Port Forum

The table clearly shows all the invented variations of the topic. First, there will be simple 40Gbps transmission cables that are not suitable for transmitting the above charging forces. In addition, 60W or 240W cables will be available, which will only allow transfer speeds of 20Gbps. Eventually, a combination of the two will be available, these cables provide transfer speeds of up to 40Gbps and 60W or 240W of charging at the same time.

In short, there will be fast cables with slow charging, slow cables with fast charging, and fast cables with fast charging.

The slogans and new visions of the USB Implementers Forum are basically understandable, but a good question is how much they actually help the average shopper when they have to pick the string they need in the tech store’s cable jungle.

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