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New Samsung TVs will turn into game consoles

The Korean manufacturer is making serious announcements for CES.

CES 2022 will start soon, and while there won’t be a show this year as there have been in previous years, there will be a follow-up to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Here at PC World Online, of course, we will cover all the important announcements for you, but we won’t get bored until then, as a lot of information has already appeared about the devices waiting to be announced.

One example of this is Samsung’s new Smart TV feature, Gaming Hub, which allows owners to experience a whole new experience.

An integral part of the new TVs for Korean TV will be the Gaming Hub, through which GeForce Now and Google Stadia will also be available. In other words, no external device will be needed, and these services will be able to work directly on the TV. In addition to the two popular platforms, Utomik will also be available, but Microsoft’s xCloud is missing, which is also strange because the two companies already signed up for cloud-based gaming in February 2020.

An additional plus for TVs is that they can transmit signal from connected consoles, so you don’t have to reconnect the console back and forth, for example, if you switch to Google Stadium after Xbox. Samsung has also confirmed that in addition to the Microsoft controller, Sony’s DualSense will be supported from the release.

Mike Lucero, head of Samsung’s gaming hardware division, revealed that while Samsung smartphones previously supported Steam Link, for example, they won’t be part of the now-emerging Gaming Hub.

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