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New US sanctions on Russian oligarchs, bankers and politicians seized, a passenger tanker

On Friday, the United States imposed sanctions on another key figure in Putin’s regime. Among them are three family members of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, another oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, the board of directors of VTB Bank, which was previously listed as a company, and 12 members of parliament, including Vyacheslav Vologyin, a permanent member of the Russian Security Council.

The US Treasury said in a statement that it will also act to crack down on those trying to evade sanctions against Russia by using cryptocurrencies.

Dmitry Peskov is called the head of propaganda for the Russians in the statement. He was previously punished by America, the European Union, Australia and Canada. Now it’s his turn, his wife, Tatiana Navka, who, according to the US Treasury, has a real estate empire of $ 10 million. It consists of an apartment in a picturesque suburb of Moscow, where Putin also lives, another apartment in Moscow and a property in the Crimea. Navka is the Olympic champion in ice dancing anyway.

Saskov’s two children, Elizaveta and Nikolai, were also punished. Nikolaj grew up in Britain, then returned home and worked for a television advertising station called RT. It has a fleet of luxury cars when not driving and sailing on private jets and yachts. Elizaveta posts a lot on social media about the luxury she lives in, she was at one time an assistant in the European Parliament. Not from the Russians, of course, since they are not members of the European Union, but from the French far-right Aymeric Choprid, who supported the occupation of Crimea in exchange for funding from Putin.

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The Americans are also confiscating two assets belonging to the oligarch Viktor Vekszelberg. Big yacht called Tango and private jet. The size of the wealth of Putin’s rich is evidenced by the fact that it is not a smaller plane, but an Airbus A319-115, a passenger airliner capable of accommodating up to 156 passengers. The two cars are worth $90 million each, or HUF 31 billion.