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New Windows introduced

Microsoft has finally pulled the veil officially from Windows 11, which we’ll be able to upgrade to almost any device currently capable of running version 10. The system has been revamped at nearly every point and will be much easier to use on touch screen devices.

Microsoft started the show by saying that Windows has been with us for over 35 years, so people now feel at home while using it, which is familiar even if it has changed a lot over the years. And that’s exactly what the company aims for: Windows should always remain familiar, even when it’s renewed.

Source: The Verge

Not only has the appearance been renewed, the system will be more efficient

And while Microsoft had previously promised that Windows 10 would be “the last Windows”, with constant updates going forward, it wasn’t quite like this: in the end, an early beta was announced that Windows 11 is now coming, which will be more Efficient, nicer, faster, and promised to be better in every way.

For example, Windows updates will be 40% smaller in the future, and they will be downloaded and installed in the background.

A completely centralized and streamlined Start menu makes it easy to find your most important and recently used apps, programs, and documents. The usability of multiple windows is also greatly improved: by pressing the button to maximize the window, the system offers several layout options to suit the screen size, for example, you can arrange up to three windows side by side at the touch of a button.

Source: Microsoft

But they have gone through every UI element, and even if it’s just small things, they’ve changed something almost everywhere, so now we’re getting rounded corners, and apps work on different quality interfaces, which can be partially transparent, so you can From seeing beyond the open window in the background.

Windows 11 also has the ability to group commonly used apps together, so you can put up to two or three programs at once on the taskbar, and then open them together as a group. If you also use an external monitor next to your laptop, the system will immediately restore windows that were open on that monitor before you unplugged it.

However, it’s not just the exterior that matters: Windows 11 promises to be faster in every way than its predecessor. You can wake up faster from sleep mode, have faster browsing, play games, and you can even save battery power.

It is very important for Microsoft to take human communication over the Internet to a new level when designing a new system. At this point we were expecting something bigger, but it’s actually about integrating Teams, which has become very popular during the pandemic and can be used for chats and video calls, into the system by default, making it instant and easy to access for everyone.

Source: Microsoft

What’s new, however, is the advent of Windows Widgets, an app that can run on the taskbar where AI sorts all kinds of information of interest to the user, from weather to news, but it’s sure to be manually customizable to see exactly what it is. We want to see it on this front. Here, the developers’ goal was that if we wanted to get information quickly, we would not have to use a smartphone, which in the past was many times more efficient than a computer.

When designing Windows 11, it was important that the system also run on touch-sensitive devices, not necessarily with a keyboard and mouse. The user interface is designed accordingly: the spaces between the icons are slightly larger, the windows are easier to “understand”, and they are also fully supported by the stylus.

Focus on play and new store

The video game ecosystem and interoperability between PC and Xbox is becoming increasingly important to Microsoft, so it’s no surprise that games are given a prominent role in Windows 11.

Here, too, has been introduced a procedure called Auto HDR, which has already been proven on Xbox, which, as the name implies, can automatically evoke an HDR image in older games, completely enhancing the colors. The new Xbox Series consoles also come with the DirectStorage process, which helps you make the most of the capabilities of NVMe SSDs available on PCs, so not only can game load times be shortened dramatically, but whole new possibilities are opened up for developers.

Windows 11Source: The Verge

Microsoft didn’t fail to point out that Game Pass has been available on PCs for quite some time, where you can access a lot of games for a subscription at no additional cost, and even weaker PCs will be able to use Xbox Cloud Gaming. Play the latest and most beautiful games from the cloud.

Perhaps one of the most important innovations is the revamping of the Microsoft Store, which has become more transparent and manageable. But the most interesting thing (especially for developers) is that since Windows 11, any kind of software can be sold (you don’t have to be a next-generation UWP app), and furthermore, developers can choose to use their own payment solutions, therefore, no Microsoft takes 30% off app developers after transactions.

In addition, Android apps will now be available in the new Windows 11 Store and will be able to run on the system. Yes, as well as TikTok and Instagram.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also challenged Apple a bit at the end of the presentation, noting that on Windows, the user is the boss, providing a platform for even building another one, not the big company running the system. dictates to its users.

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