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Nice and frugal and the sound is good too, but one thing holds it all up

Samsung has steadfastly dominated the TV industry for 15 years, as the South Korean company has been selling the most televisions for a decade and a half, so it also has the highest revenue. The successes are (also) due to the fact that the company has always been willing to spend a lot on improvements, even when its solution to one or two major innovations has failed.

In January, the company announced significant interest in a recent renewal of its backlights. Thanks to this, MiniLED technology, and the Neo QLED TV family based on it, were born.

Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV.Source: Origo

Devices using the new process have already arrived in Hungary, and we have tried one of the first models, the QN90A, to see if there has been any visible and tangible progress in this development.

Is MiniLED good?

One of the main innovations of MiniLED is the drastic reduction in the size of the backlight diodes. As a result, they can be placed more than ever behind a TV panel. One great advantage of this solution, in theory, is its ability to assemble more sets of brightness that can be individually controlled than usual, with the result that the promised image will be more realistic.

MiniLED backlight is a real advantage.Source: Origo

After being able to try it out live, we came to the conclusion that there are practical benefits to the improvements. Don’t get me wrong, Samsung’s previous QLED TVs deliver great picture quality in today’s eyes, but we believe this new model produces prettier, sharper, more powerful, and more vibrant colors. The visual image is also more contrast, especially for high dynamic range materials, and the end result is much better. Darker colors are deeper, lighter content is brighter, and the tones almost creep up on the screen. MiniLED-based Neo QLED devices are a clear step forward in the visual world

In addition, many smaller diodes result in a more balanced backlight distribution, resulting in no cloud-like configurations appearing on the screen.

The panel has a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz, so this value can change dynamically depending on the source. Therefore, the model supports FreeSync, which prevents the feeling of “noise” caused by duplicating frames and the annoying effect of image distortion. This can be important during gaming, as is the low input delay, which has been reduced to 10.5ms. This still lags somewhat behind the best gaming monitors, but is a great result among TVs. All members of Samsung’s QN85A series have 4K resolution, so detail is great, but it’s still a staple among products in this price range.


The device contains a special sound system, as it contains a built-in amplifier in addition to traditional speakers, in addition to two amplifiers. The job of the latter is to help create better than normal surround sound, and they do the job. We’re not saying it’s an surround experience like hearing a “regular” home theater system, but it is a clear step forward. And bass speakers create stronger and more powerful sound, making the experience more dynamic and cinematic.

The picture quality is greatSource: Origo

We did not see any crackling, buzzing or buzzing, any sound imperfections, and the hygiene was convincing. Overall, we can say that the Samsung QN90A should finally not be shy about the sound quality either. But even so, the fact remains that you can’t compete with a better external sound system. We also got the Samsung WH-Q800A speakers when we hooked it up to the TV, so the audio experience was heaven and earth. Other than that, the TV supports the use of bluetooth, which means that compatible audio devices such as a headset can be connected wirelessly, which is a very convenient and elegant solution.

More than a TV

Today, TVs without smart features are becoming less and less popular, so it comes as no surprise that the Samsung QN90A is also boosting the camp of smart devices. The company’s self-developed Tizen system works almost like a computer operating system and offers a number of additional features. They include Internet apps, which include the movie or video watching apps that are very popular today, such as Netflix, HBO Go, or Youtube.

The device has its own image processing processor.Source: Origo

So all you have to do is click on the icon, choose the track you want to watch and you can watch it, there is no need to connect external devices to your device. As we have seen, the apps load very quickly and there were no problems running them either. The device also comes with pre-installed media player software. That is, just attach a flash drive or hard drive to the back and you can actually watch movies on it. The device also lacks the cool features called Remote Acces, which allow you to access a remote computer or Office documents uploaded to the cloud directly. This means it can even be used to run a real PC on its own, which can be a treasure in an era of forced lockdown.

Avoid the usual Sasmung buttons …Source: Origo
And the solar panel at the back.Source: Origo

One of the fun innovations of the Neo QLED, as we indicated, is the remote control, which is partially made of recycled materials and also works with solar energy technology, so it is able to charge itself with sunlight entering the interior!

Stylish exterior

With the exterior of the Samsung QN85A, it does not change the world, nor can we say that it has revolutionized design, but it does say that it is an elegant-looking model that blends beautifully and harmonizes with any type of interior. Coffee is very thin and because it is flush with the screen, it is invisible when turned off. By painting the midnight black casing, it matches perfectly with the color of the sole. The base is solid enough and stable, but unfortunately it does not allow you to rotate the screen. Samsung TVs are where the connectors are located in an external box, but this is not one of them as the input and output are monitored on the back panel. These include HDMI 2.1 ports, optical digital audio, and LAN and USB ports, pretty much everything you might need on TV today.

Everything is on the scale

While testing the Samsung QN85A, we came to the conclusion that the TVs based on the MiniLED Neo QLED panels, announced with a big pinch, are really a step forward. The picture quality has improved and since the sound system and handling are great, we think this is a great TV. Its price of about 600 thousand forints is not very low, but it is not very high in its class at all. It really looks like Samsung abandoned its lesson to competitors again this year.

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