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Nicolas Cage made one of the best comedies of the year playing himself

The movie, in which Nicolas Cage plays Nicolas Cage, is one of the year’s biggest surprises. The unbearable burden of a gigantic talent is criticism.

The iconic ’90s movie star Nicolas Cage, who also won an Academy Award in 1996 for his portrayal in Las Vegas, The Terminal, and who we haven’t seen in a movie since 2011, Ghost Rider 2 that would have been the protagonist, is now back in Movie theaters with a really surprising, self-reflective, hilarious sloppy comedy. The unbearable weight of a gigantic talent is the defining movie that’s long been talked about around the world: with Nicolas Cage playing his alter ego, or, if you like, his meme.

According to the story, Nic Cage is sitting up to his neck in bankruptcy and is no longer given roles that could bring him back to the top, so he had to accept a million dollar offer to attend a rich man’s birthday party. Fan, Javi, and bratyizzon with him in Spain for a few days. The cymbals, sucked up or sobered, embark on crazy adventures while becoming their best friends. But things take an unexpectedly chaotic turn when Nick is recruited by the CIA and Java turns out to be a dangerous arms dealer. The award-winning actor is forced to rise up to the task: if he wants to save his loved ones, he has to project a giant image as the most powerful action hero who ever lived, and not return terribly from anything and anyone.

In some ways, The Gigantic Talent is a typical Nicolas Cage movie, fitting perfectly into the cinematic repertoire that has characterized the actor’s last 12 years. On the other hand, this is not typical, as there has never been an instance of Nic Cage playing himself in a self-reflexive metacomy that is simultaneously a nostalgia railroad fanatic and an action comedy parodying Hollywood cliches.

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Writer and director Tom Gormican masterfully found the perfect balance between genres and consciously constructed his story, which begins as a finely focused, character-centric drama and then progresses into a highly illogical, often clumsy, and disorienting action movie. I’d add a dramatic reason for this as well, because in the story, Javi also invites old Nick to make a movie together, and then the vases are placed on the spot; Needless to say, he is also the loving kid of character-centric drama and action movie.

By no means does the gigantic talent want to take herself too seriously, nor does she want it to be a biopic at all, she simply wants to sing a hymn praising Cage’s career as a sort of moving monument, citing multiple times from classics like Mock/ Face, The Rock, or Con Air, but it does so for now as a stand-alone action comedy; In Hungarian, it is not necessary to blow Nic Cage’s work on the outside for someone to enjoy this movie.

Old Pig proved once again after Pig that he still has Paper Craft and is still an excellent actor. Of course, he’s also been a great partner with Pedro Pascal, who often steals the show from Nic, but they really do hit in pairs. The duo works perfectly from the very first moment, and most of the humor in the movie is connected to them as well. It must be said that the gigantic talent is not only funny, it is so amusing on a level that the whole cinema reverberated with loud laughter quite often, but more than once it happened that we were already laughing at ourselves with tears.

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It is important to note that the film is a Hungarian-American co-production, with nearly 60 percent of it filmed in Hungary (including Budapest, Komarom, and Llanevalu), and in addition to the large number of Hungarian filmmakers, Nicolas Cage was a Hungarian actor for one of his wives. We talked to him a lot after the show, revealing a lot of interesting behind-the-scenes filming secrets (you’ll also have an interview with us these days – Ed.).

The unbearable weight of a gigantic talent is a Nicolas Cage movie that was not only made for fans of Nicolas Cage, but a must-have for any Nicolas Cage fan, but anyone else can sign up for, because it truly is one of the best Nicolas Cage movies. The best comedy of the year. My self-reflexive, nostalgic, gory film by Nicolas Cage in which the actor recounts his arrogance while symbolically embracing not only his own cinematic heritage but also his fans, saying with a proud smile:

“I’m back, though I didn’t go.”

The unbearable weight of the giant talents can be seen in Hungarian cinemas.

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