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Nikki Gallus and her partner moved separately: that’s why their relationship with Laura was in crisis – the Hungarian star

Gallus Nikki And her partner moved separately. actress and Lura Their environment considered them a dream pair, but their cohabitation became incompatible due to their changing lifestyle in recent years. This has been to the detriment of their relationship, they have problems that they may not be able to solve.

The 47-year-old star and Laura Partavi in ​​2021 are Our life story It first appeared in. Nikki Gallus was actually joking at the time that while her partner was a real weasel, an early-night owl, she was a night owl because of her work.

Gallus Nikki and his partner moved separately

Although he was still joking about the situation at the time, the difference in the rhythm of life became more and more confusing between the two. So much so that they no longer live under one roof today. about all this Bota . Café Testified as a guest.

He aggressively betrayed her when he met Laura over ten years ago. He could not find his companion, bored with those around him until fate brought him together with Laura.

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– It’s called a huge encounter. These huge confrontations, too, to our great surprise and irreparable pain, unfortunately wear out and transform. We struggle with all sorts of relationship issues, ones we’re not sure we’ll ever be able to jump into,” he admitted.

Gallus Nikki and Laura in The Story of Our Lives.

Gallus Nikki and Laura in The Story of Our Lives.

Photo: RTL Club/History of Our Lives

Also talk about when the problems began: his partner is successful and balanced, because he is doing something he can fully unfold, but this work is combined with a very early rise that he cannot adapt to. Although they had lived together before, their pace of life became so different that Nikki Galecki moved into the maid’s house, which was renovated during the pandemic.

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Ganza Katta and her partner broke up

Actress Ganza Kata and her partner, Ádám Pesák, broke up after five years together, which was announced on their social media pages. For a long time, despite the 22-year age difference many mentioned, their relationship seemed to be working fine.

Cover photo: RTL Club / The History of Our Lives