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Njano was hit from the throne by the heavyweight king with powerful blows

Cameroonian Francis Njano won a second round of KO at the leading MMA organization, UFC, against US Croatian-born defending champ Stipe Miocic, becoming the world heavyweight champion for the first time in his career.

“The king is dead. Long live what king!” Francis Ngano is the new World Heavyweight Champion (Photo: UFC)


Francis Ngano was already in the first round of UFC 260 in Las Vegas, and in the second round he sent defending champion Step Museo to the ground with racial integrity, who was still able to stand up from that huge blow, but remained slap-in. Seconds later, he fell from another left and the match was over, the referee stopped the fight.

Consequently, Njano retreated from Miocic due to his defeat in 2018 – when he “allowed” the Americans to win ground fights, who took advantage of it to defend his title by scoring – and became the world heavyweight champion at the age of 34. as the culmination of his sixth career in the UFC.

Francis Ngano was known for his tremendous striking strength, was born in Cameroon, and worked in a quarry at the age of twelve due to the difficult financial conditions of his family, then began to follow in the footsteps of his warrior father in the streets. At the age of 26, he immigrated to Paris for a professional boxing career, but since he had neither money nor friends, he initially lived on the streets as a homeless person. Then in 2013, he was discovered by Lopez Owonye, ​​the MMA Factory coach, who introduced him to the MMA world. Although he still lost his second professional match in 2013, he has not been defeated since then, and by December 2017, all of his clashes had ended prematurely. He made his UFC debut in 2015, and with former MMA and K-1 world champion Alistair Overeem from the Netherlands, he brutally brought out the right to challenge World Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocico from America and Croatia, from which he was even kicked out for the first time, then suffered a defeat by Derek Lewis, too. However, he has come off the ground, winning four times in a row since November 2018, and has also won two former world champions, Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos, with KO / TKO, so he can make a comeback against the incredible Miocic.

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In 2016, Miocic became the world champion for the first time against Fabrício Werdum. After the 2018 victory over Ngannou, he only played against Daniel Cormier (who was a commercial commentator for UFC 260), knocking out first and then winning twice.

But given his current smooth running defeat, it would be surprising that he was able to regain the belt again to close to forty (now 38). It could easily be the end of a heavyweight era with this match.