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NL: Haaland’s goal is Norway’s victory in Belgrade

Norway beat Serbia 1-0 in the Football League in Belgrade on Thursday night. Also in League B, Sweden beat Slovenia 2-0 away from home, and the Israeli-Icelandic battle ended in a 2-2 draw, while in League C, Greece got the three points from Northern Ireland.

Erling Haaland scores three points for Norway (Photo: AFP – Archive)

The only goal of the Serbian-Norwegian match was in the 26th minute: Martin Odegaard’s Pedersen jumped out of bounds with a fine ball, rose from right to center and reached behind the defenders as a scheduled express train. Erling Haaland Close-up bombed in the net. The goal is here!

Halland scored his sixteenth goal in the eighteenth national team match.

After the turn, the Serbs put a lot of pressure on the visitors’ goal, but Organ Nieland defended everything.

Close-up by Lil Abada Israel Taking the lead in Haifa, Thürer Helgason equalized after a goal error and then Arnor Sigurdsson’s VAR-approved shot (no ambush!) Iceland He led early in the second half. Son Weissman saved a point for the home team.

Sweden Emil Forsberg exploded at the signal from the VAR room and then was sold a penalty, taking the lead Slovenia Against Ljubljana, Dejan Kulusevski put the bottom line in his hair by shooting Jan Oblak “in the eye” from a beautiful single angle.

Nations League, Round 1
group 2

Israel – Iceland 2-2 (Apada 25, Wiesmann 84 and Helgason 42, Sigurdsson 53)
group 4
Slovenia – Sweden 0-2 (Forsberg 39-11, Kolossevsky 88)
Serbia-Norway 0-1 (Haaland 26.)
group 2

Northern Ireland-Greece 0-1 (Bakaszetasz 39.)
Cyprus and Kosovo 0-2 (V. Berisha 65., Zhegrova 78.)

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group 4

Bulgaria – North Macedonia 1-1
(Despodov 13. M. Rishtovsky 50.)
Georgia – Gibraltar 4-0
(Kvarachelija 12., Kasija 33., Mikautadze 87., Kazaisvili 88.)
group 2

Estonia – San Marino 2-0 (Keres 24, Tam 32).

group 2

Spain – Portugal 1-1 (Murata 25 and Horta 82)
Czech Republic – Switzerland 2-1 (Kuchita 11, De So 58 – goal or Okafor 44)