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NL: Norway was defeated by Haaland

Norway, led by Erling Haaland, beat Sweden 3-2, while in the evening, Slovenia, who did not have a ban on Miha Blasic from 0-2, saved a point against Serbia in the fourth round of the League of Nations in Group D. League B.

Norway beat Sweden to win Halland Championship (9) (Image: Getty Images)

Slovenia and Serbia

The 39-year-old Slovenian captain, Postjan Cesar – who also appeared at Olympique de Marseille and Chievo during his playing career – was not expecting Ferenc to leave Maya Blazekra World Health Organization Received a red card in Thursday’s match against Norway For Erling Haaland, who broke into the goal in the 63rd minute and fell from behind.

He quickly gained an advantage with his spear tip Andrea Zivkovic Serbia (video here!), Which To Aleksander Mitrovich Thank you in the 35th minute he already led with two goals (Video here!). The striker has had an impressive season behind him as he helped his team move up to the Premier League, Fulham, by scoring 43 goals in the tournament.

However, after the turn, a cold shower came over the Serbs: first Adam Ginezda Sirene Nice (video here!), Then the 19-year-old talent of Salzburg, Benjamin Sisko balanced (Video here!).

Although the teams pressed for the rest of the time, the match ended in a 2-2 draw.

By the way, the two Slovenian players in the NBA, the Brooklyn Nets, who visited the match, Juran Drake and the Dallas Mavericks star, Luka Doncic, So are those already retired Racho Nesterovic he is.

Norway and Sweden

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21 years old from Manchester City Haaland He started really well, taking the lead in the tenth minute with a header to Norway (Video here!).

After the turn, the young star hit again, this time he hit the opponent’s goal with a penalty kick. (Video here!) – He needed only 21 matches for his 20th goal with his country, and he has succeeded 11 times in eight matches in the National League.

despite Emil Forsberg Sweden with a strong kick in the 62nd minute (video here), After a great pass from Haaland Alexander Sorloth Once again, he increased the home team advantage to two goals (Video here!). At the end of the game, he is of Hungarian descent Victor Ruted Although he punished Organ Nieland’s mistake – the goalkeeper took the ball out of his hand when he went out – (video here!), But the Swedes no longer had time to equalize (2-3).

The Norwegians also won the match between the two teams in Sweden (2-1) Since a week.

The League of Nations
Round 4
group 4

Slovenia – Serbia 2-2 (Gnezda Cerin 48., Cisco 53., L. Zsivkovics 8., A. Mitrovics 35.)
Norway – Sweden 3-2
(Haaland 10, 54 to 11, Sörloth 77, Forsberg 62, roots 90 + 5.)

the work
1. Norway 4 3 1 6-3 +3 10
2. Serbia 4 2 1 1 7-4 +3 7
3. Sweden 4 1 3 5-6 -1 3
4. Slovenia 4 2 2 3-8 –5 2