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In the summer heat, many crave nature, not only the waterfront, but also the cooler forests. Unfortunately, outdoor activities, which are a good activity, also have inconveniences: there are those who are allergic to pollen, there are those who are bothered by hot rashes, but even general inconveniences are various bites.

Among them, there are some that are completely harmless, in which you have to pay the most attention to how you tolerate one without a scratch, but there are also some people with whom it is advisable to visit a specialist.

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While a tick or mosquito actually stings, stings a uterus or wasp, it is usually referred to as a sting by the swelling it causes. During insect bites, toxins enter the body, which can cause severe reactions in people who are allergic to it. In the event of pallor, sweating, swelling of the tongue and throat, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, an ambulance should be called without hesitation! In this case, an injection may be required, but this is not always the case for sufferers. An allergic reaction is more common with bee and wasp stings.

Sometimes it is difficult to decide what kind of disk we are dealing with, by mastering the main features we can be better prepared for a vacation, for example.

(Cover image source and recommendation: Getty Images Hungary.)