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No way home organizer will bring Final Station 6

However, to avoid movie theaters, the new installment of the series is heading straight to broadcast.

The Final Station was one of the popular horror franchises of the 2000s, in which scavengers were selectively caught by a reaper (it’s no coincidence that many have been cautiously standing behind a truck hauling logs ever since).

Like most good milking series, The Final Station has been scraped for as long as possible, but after the fifth part of 2011, the thing was released and no new part of the series has been received since. Then in 2019, New Line Cinema announced that it wanted to revive the once-popular franchise, but only now, by 2022, have they reached the point where the crew will actually get together.

a Delivery time Reports say Final Station 6 will skip theaters and gear up for Warner’s streaming platform, HBO Max, under the direction of producer Jon Watts (Spider-Man: No Way Home) and his wife, Dianne McGunigle. The script was scored by Lori Evans Taylor (Wicked Wicked Games) and Guy Busick based on Watts’ ideas, and Busick has previously worked on scripts for films like Who Hides and The New Scream, so it looks like the project is in good hands.

The film has also been sponsored by two Final Station veterans, Craig Perry (Final Station 1-5) and Sheila Hanahan (Final Station 2-5) Taylor, who are very excited about the new story and working with Watts. The identity of the director has not yet been known, nor the date of the start of filming. But this isn’t the only known horror franchise that will boost HBO Max, as Evil Dead, The Evil Dead, will return in Evil Dead Rise form.

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